Kaine Rallies Florida Dems
Moran Wins Fairfax Straw Poll
Deeds Picks Up More Newspaper Support
Candidates Eye Campaign’s Final Week
McDonnell’s Campign Manager’s Past Links with Faith and Family Allicance Raise Questions
Wagner and Signer Run for Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nod
Report Shows Record and More Diverse Public School Enrollment
Pressure May Increase to Develop Regulations for Using Restraints in Public Schools
Seeking [...]

Republicans and Democrats Duel Again Over Jobless Benefits
House GOP Says Jobless Benefits Compromise Unlikely
Democrats Promise Teacher Raises, McDonnell Calls for Merit Pay
GOP Fights Back on Unemployment Dollars
McAuliffe and Clinton to Speak at Richmond Farmer’s Market
National Figures Getting Involved in GOP AG Race
Virginia Task Force Will Look Into Voter Residency Requirements
VDOT Argues that Snow Removal Service [...]

Economy. Guns, Death Penalty on Assembly Docket
Battle Continues Over Unemployment Stimulus Money
Kaine Tries Again for No Excuses Absentee Voting
Kaine Announces Virginia on ITunes U
Bolling Says Oil and Gas Drilling Will Bring Jobs to Virginia
Democratic Groups Target McDonnell
Saxman Latest Valley Delegate to Have Challenge
VDOT Taking Bids On First Wave of Stimulus Money
States Reap Savings as Bids [...]

House Insists on Weakened Smoking Ban Amendments, Senate-House Differences Go to Conference Committee
House Panel Kills Deeds Bipartisan Redistricting Measure
Senate P&E Kills Saxman Effort to Make the Right-to-Work Law a Constitutional Amendment
Oder Bill to Earmark Port Rvenues for Transportation Dies in Senate Finance
Saxman Bill to Dedicate Future Royalties from Possible Offshore Drilling Dies in Senate
Kathy Gear [...]

Virginia Budget Shortfall Reaches $3.7 Billion
What Virginia Gets From the Stimulus
Senate Rejects House Effort to Weaken Smoking Ban
House Privileges and Elections Kills Bill To Make It Easier for Felons to Have Voting Rights Restored
Senate Courts of Justice Enhances Homestead Exemption for Veterans and Seniors
Virginia Sheriffs Support Ruff-Wright Bill to Allow Use of Voice Stress Analyzers
Virginia [...]

Senator Webb Seeks Accountability for Abuse of Funds In Iraq
Congressman Cantor Opposes Moving Any Guantanamo Prisoners to Virginia
Governor Kaine and Norfolk Mayor Fraim Apologize for Massive Resistance
Deeds’ Bill on Bipartisan Redistricting Reform Unanimously Passes Senate
Senate Passes Bill to Extend Absentee Voting Privileges to First Responders and Those Over 65
House Finance Backs Richmond Ballpark Funding Using [...]

It is an amazingly puzzling question why House of Delegates Republicans continue to miss the changes taking place in the body politic when almost everyone else can see them!
Here’s the picture. Two “good government” bills promoted by the Governor and the Democratic minority are assigned to a subcommittee composed of four Republicans and two Democrats: [...]

Well, the House Privileges and Elections Committee decided where Governor Kaine’s and the Democrats’ election reform agenda was going this year.
Early voting.  Later.
“No Excuses” absentee voting.  Sorry.
A bipartisan redistricting commission.  Not for this census.
And, Governor,  what’s that DNC thing you’re heading?
To its credit, the Privileges and Elections Committee passed two election reform bills that make [...]