GOP Picks Stanley to Run for Hurt Seat
Virginia Jobless Rate Stays at 6.5%
McDonnell, Va. Lawmakers Confront Gates on JFCOM
Some JFCOM Functions May Remain in Hampton Roads
JLARC Report Says McDonnell Plan Off By Millions
JLARC Says McDonnell Estimates on ABC Privatization Too High
Forbes Sentenced to 10 Years for $4 Million Fraud
Maryland, Virginia, DC Leaders Push Ahead with [...]

Lawmakers Proposes Ban on Synthetic Marijuana
GOP Seeks Candidates for Legislative Vacancies
Reeves Begins Bid for Houck Seat
Million Dollar College Presidents on Rise
Calculation of Salaries by Virginia Colleges Isn’t Uniform
Beach Officials Hope UFL Team Will Turn Around Sportsplex
Henry Maxwell Passes Away
Who is Lee Vogler and Why Does He Care About Streetlights
Summit Addresses C’Ville Infant Mortality
Shenandoah County Rport [...]

Warner Turns Down DSCC Chair
Warner Proposes Compromise on Extension of Bush Tax Cuts
Podesta Endorses Warner Proposal
Forbes Sentencing Hearing Postponed
State Revenue Grows, Still Behind Forecast
Armstrong Calls McDonnell Privatization Study a Waste of Money
FEC Fines RPV and Company Owned by Jeff Frederick
Hurt, Goodlatte Not Ready to Endorse Deficit Commission Plans
Virginia Lawmakers Cautious on Deficit Reduction Proposals
Virginia Next [...]

What Will Webb Do
McDonnell to Display Nativity from Catholic League
Rigell Ready to Make Waves
O’Bannon Bill to Create Tea Party Aligned License Plate
State Lawmakers Dead Serious About Fake Pot
Pittsylvania Supervisors Chair Running for Hurt Seat
Democrat Davis Enters Race for Hurt Seat, Says Saslaw’s Wrong on his Chances
Bruning to Join Bankers Association
White Collar Workers at Risk with [...]

Former Finance Secretary Forbes to Be Sentenced for Fraud
McDonnell says Palin’s Qualified to be President
McDonnell Starts Over on ABC Privatization
McAuliffe Gets Early Boost from Forner Deeds and Moran Supporters
Allen, Marshall, Stewart to Host Suites at GOP Shindig
Griffith to Be Part of Capitol Hill Rally with Bachmann, Pence
More Speculation about Webb’s Future
Virginia Officials Investigate Verizon Services
Light [...]

Warner Says He Won’t Bite Lip Anymore, Equates with Tea Party
With Harder Edge, Democrats Hit McDonnell on State Retirement Funding
Armstrong Raps McDonnell on Pensions
Saslaw Says ABC Privatization Won’t Cover the Cost of an Overpass
Environmental Groups Lobby McDonnell on Chespaeake Bay Cleanup
McDonnell Outlines Way to Spend $1.5 Billion from VDOT Audit
VDOT Adds Maintenance Workers Amid [...]

McDonnell Hires Outside Consultant to Study ABC Privatization
Is Webb Thinking of Retiring
Fimian Will Concede to Connolly
Connolly Released from Hospital After Treatment for Blood Clot
Democrats to Sit Out Race for Hurt’s Seat
Bowman to Announce Bid for Hurt Seat
Habeeb Makes It Official, with Griffith and Goodlatte at His Side
Moran Makes His Case for Party Chair
Dems Conclude That [...]

Cantor Rising
Cantor Says Pelosi Isn’t Listening
Virginia Republicans Delighted to See Pendulum Sway
New Virginia Lawmakers Cite Ways They’d Cut Spending
Voter Turnout of 43.4% Exceeded Expectations
SOL Data Can Point to Lessons on Success
Report Says Sewers Users Could Pay $693 Million for Bay Cleanup
Covance Halts Planned Prince William Lab
Virginia Supreme Court Finds for Leesburg in Water Surcharge Battle
Henrico [...]

1. The Early Warning Signal That the Democrats
Didn’t heed was Bob McDonnell’s 2009 election. Three trends evident in McDonnell’s landslide victory- the reversal of the enthusiasm gap, the abandonment of the Democratic Party by independents, and the nationalization of a state level election- go a long way toward explaining ¬†what happened on Tuesday. Republicans were [...]

Cantor Encouraged by Tax Talk
Are Rural Democrats an Endangered Species?
Perriello as Democratic “Martyr”
Fairfax GOP Chief Questions Totals in Connnolly-Fimian Race
Broadcast Networks Lag behind FOX on Election Night
Stafford Growth Debated at Polls
Caroline School Board Winner Facing Challenge
McDonnell Would Consider Liquor Referendum
President Helped Boost Turnout
Dems Seek Legal Advice on Possible Moran Leadership Bid
Lobbying Law Expert Says Virginia [...]