Virginia Jobless Rate Declines to 6.3%
Kaine, Most Dems to Skip Obama Visit
Kaine Talks Debt, Budget Bickering
Kaine Further Explains Soering Transfer Effort
McDonnell Begins Teacher Merit Pay Plan
McDonnell, Parties Raise Millions for Fall Campaign
Court Reinstates Virginia Mental Health Lawsuit
Cuccinelli Elaborates on Ruling about State Funding for Nonprofits
Cuccinelli Hopeful Health Care Case Will be Considered
Warner Makes Case for [...]

Webb’s Statement
Obama Calls Webb
Webb Going, Dems Look to Kaine
Eyes Turn to Kaine
Webb’s Decision Scramble 2012 Senate Race
Webb’s Announcement Heats Up GOP Showdown
Real Clear Politics Ranks Virginia Iffy for Obama in 2012
Justice Hassell Dies at 55
Reactions to Hassell Passing
JFCOM Downsizing to be Complete by March, 2012
Rendell Says Dems Should Join GOP In Asking for Quick Supreme [...]

Cantor Says GOP Will Defund Health Care Law
Bolling Breaks Ties
Assembly Hands McDonnell Defeat on ABC Privatization
Kimball Payne’s Assembly Roundup
Eminent Domain Restrictions Pass in House, Fail in Senate
Senate Passes Bills to Crack Down on Texting While Driving
Senate Backs Autism Treatment Coverage
Senate Okays Bills Requiring Contractors to Verify Work Status
Senate Bill Banning Drinking While Carrying Firearms Advances
Senate [...]

Broad liberal and conservative support?  Check. 
Transcends party?  Check. 
Universally respected?  Check. 
Deep Southside roots?  Check.
Knows Northern Virginia like the back of his hand?  Check. 
Understands transportation like few others?  Check. 
Main Street business credentials?  Check. 
Could raise the money overnight?  Check. 
Knows the legislature?  Check. 
Cool, calm, collected under fire?  Check. 
Reputation as clean as a hound’s tooth?  Check. 
Hardworking?  Check. 
Could beat Bolling like [...]

The AG’s campaign against federal overreach reached new heights this week when Federal District Court Judge Henry Hudson agreed with his claim that it was unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate that individual citizens purchase health care.
Everyone involved in any of the health care lawsuits across the country recognizes that the U.S. Supreme Court [...]