McDonnell Watches Cash During Transition
Virginia Parties Look Ahead to 2010
Retired CEO McWaters Wins GOP Primary for Stolle Seat
Deeds Thanks Dems, Exhorts Party to Keep Fighting
Wilder Examines Deeds’ Failures
Palin Draws Thousands in Fairfax
Is the End to Car Tax Relief on the Table?
As the Economy Sank, Retirement Payouts Soared
Report Says Peninsula High Speed Rail Route Cheaper
Thomas Nelson [...]

1. McDonnell’s Opening Picks
Came out pretty much as expected.  That’s very encouraging. With Marla Decker, Eric Finkbeiner, Martin Kent and Tucker Martin, we have individuals highly respected for their competence, character and temperament. Each and every one of these choices is a credit to the Governor-Elect.  And keeping Rick Brown on as Secretary Finance through [...]

Wolf Says Justice Dept. Hiding Truth in Dropped Voter Intimidation Prosecution
Justice Slaps Salahis on the Wrist
Norment Wants Salahi Off Tourism Board
Salahi and Her Majesty
Kaine Says Tea Party Movement is Devouring GOP
Kaine Plans to Extend Health Benefits to Same Sex Partners
Kaine Backs Barfoot in Flagpole Dispute
Kaine Praises Corrected Report on Tech Slayings
GOP Prepares to Celebrate, Dems [...]

McDonnell Expected to Name Kent and Decker
Virginia Budget to Test McDonnell’s Beliefs
Herrity Says He’s Leaning Against Running in the 11th
Virginia Unemployment Rate Drops in October
Coulter Says State Gets Its Money’s Worth from Northrop Grumman
Webb, Warner Weigh in On Afghanistan Surge
Cantor Touts GOP Jobs Plan
Perriello Appointed to 2 Congressional Panels
Virginia GOP Huddles in Williamsburg
Farmers Oppose Bay [...]

The Wall Street Journal noted this morning that the “proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their properties are worth has swelled to about 23%.”
Virginia is slightly above the national average at 23.8% and currently ranks 7th in the nation in the percentage of underwater homeowners.
The good news is that we’re [...]

Kaine: Not Out of Woods Yet on Economy
Kaine Won’t Rule Out Tax Hikes
43% Turnout in November
Deeds Sits Out Senate Democratic Caucus
Pre-Session Conference of SWVA Legislators
State Board Certifies Villanueva, Recount Likely
GOP PAC asks Marsden to Resign House Seat
Virginia Buys Back 359 Crab Licenses
State’s Rate of Recycling Steady
Richmond Council Approves School Replacement Plan
Loudoun Economic Development Director Steps [...]

Is it the Beginning of the End of Surface Mining in SW Virginia?
Virginia Lawmakers Split Over Guantanamo Terror Trials in the U.S.
Angry Congress Lashes Out at Obama
State Facing $3.5 Billion Shortfall in Next Budget
State Shortfall Likely to Impact Localities
Kaine Asked to Restore Rights of Nearly 300,000 Felons
McDonnell on How He Won, Robertson Comments
Cranwell Remains as [...]

Virginia May Have to Cut $2.9 Billion More by 2012
Budget Cuts Could Lead to Early Release of 3,300 Tennessee Prisoners
All Eyes on Fairfax 37
Hamilton Case Ignites Calls to Revise Ethics Rules
Kaine-McDonnell Joint Appearance
Kaine Declines to Stop Execution
Sheila Johnson to Serve as McDonnell Inaugural Co-Chair
National Islamic Group Calls for McDonnell to Disavow Robertson
Minorities in Gifted Classes [...]

Tea Party Snuffs Out Bonfire
Kaine Says Deeds Tried to Run Without Democratic Base
Kaine Says Storm Victims Not Guaranteed Federal Aid
Webb Co-Sponsors Bill to Boost Nuclear, Alternative Energy
Hamilton Resigns
Bristol Virginia Utilities Approves Incentive PLan for Alpha Natural Resources Relocation
McAuliffe Backs Allen-Goldman School Proposal
A New Huguenot High Among Richmond School Priorities
Fairfax Debates Language Instruction
Fairfax Snares Center for [...]

Wolf and Webb Concerned Over Detainees Trials
Online Ads in Governor’s Race Set Standard
So Much for the Power of Incumbency
Danville Tea Party Reconsidering Effigy Burning of Perriello, Pelosi
GOP Picks Howell for Speaker
Armstrong Re-elected House Minority Leader
Kaine Visits Norfolk, Hampton to Assess Storm Damage
Warner, Webb Speak Out on Health Care
McDonnell Eyes Health Care Changes at State Level
Robertson’s [...]