Assembly Returns June 9 for Congressional Map
McDonnell Phones Home From China
McDonnell: Hamilton’s the Kind of Conduct We Cannot Ever Accept
Ethics Rules Questioned in Wake of Hamilton Prosecution
Bolling Welcomes New Citizens
Bolling At Danville Boys and Girls Club
Hurt Addresses PVCC Graduates
Frederick to Run for Puller Seat?
Hampton Roads, Richmond Score Poorly in Public Transit Access
Richmond Council Backs Salary [...]

Hamilton Found Guilty of Bribery and Extortion
Howell “Saddened” by Hamilton Conviction
Kaine Calls on Republicans to End Big Oil Subsidies
Warner, Coburn Introduce Bill to $5 Billion
New Poll Gives Kaine “Slight” Edge
Does “Macaca” Still Matter
House Panel Rejects Funding for Moving Norfolk Carrier to Florida
McDonnell Opens Trade Office in Shanghai
Virginia Sells Itself in Chinese and Korean
State Senate Map [...]

McDonnell’s State of the Commonwealth Address
McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Lead
McDonnell Calls for Civility and Borrowing $2.9B
Democratic Reactions
McDonnell Makes Hard Sell for Transportation
McDonnell Reveals ABC Plan
Governor Needs House Sponsor for Liquor Plan
McDonnell to Call for Hushed Rhetoric
McDonnell Security Tightened
Cantor Speaks on House Floor for Resolution Honoring Victims
Hurt Says He’s Open to Public Despite Shooting
Goodlatte Introduces Balanced [...]

Virginia Flags Lowered for Arizona Shooting Victims
Cantor, Staff Observe Moment of Silence
Commander Says JFCOM to be Shut in  10 Months, 1900 Positions Cut
Governor Creates Bipartisan Redistricting Panel
Democratic Statement on McDonnell Commission
McDonnell to Propose Keeping State in Wholesale Liquor Biz
McDonnell Promotes Tourism with Garth Brooks
Publisher to Replace Faulted Textbooks at No Cost
Farm Groups Sue EPA Over [...]

Cuccinelli Not Giving In On Gay Bias Policy
McDonnell Rejects Calls for More Anti-Bias Rules
Budget Stalls Lawmakers Face Overtime
Bolling Says Senate Anti-Gun Panel Creation Broke Senate Rules
McDonnell Visits Budget Negotiators on Their Own Turf
McDonnell Turns Down Clemency Bid
Assembly Goes Slow on Tough Ethics Reform
Ethics Reform Moves to McDonnell
Marsh Stood in Way of Pro-Gun Legislation
Armstrong Upbraids Lawmakers [...]

The Cuccinelli Letter
Cuccinelli Says Public Colleges Can’t Protect Gays
Cuccinelli to Colleges: End Gay Protections
McDonnell, Democrats Respond To Cuccinelli Letter
Cuccinelli’s Letter Could be Test for McDonnell
Will McDonnell Approve Phone Fee that’s Really a Tax
House Budget Team Offers Concessions
Legislative Black Caucus Concerned about State Budget
Ethics Bill Squeaks Through: Final Fate in Doubt
Armstrong Looks to Statewide Run
Key Appointment [...]

Proposed Defense Budget Would Pave Way for Carrier Base in Florida
5 Democrats Help Pass Proposals to Outlaw Mandated Health Insurance
Virginia Senate Bills Spurn Health Insurance Mandate
McDonnell Halts Kaine Plan to Extend Benefits to Same Sex Partners
Phillips Prescription Drug Bill Passes Subcommittee
70 MPH Bill Gets Early Approvals
Court Appointed Job Ethics Bill Gets Early Approval in House
Bill [...]

1. Obama Comes to Virginia, Neglects to Call the Governor
President Obama visited a Fairfax school to draw attention to his education reform initiatives. The President neglected to call Virginia’s Governor and invite him to the event, despite the fact that McDonnell must have said over one hundred times how much he looks forward to working [...]

AP Reports 8 Dead in Appomattox Killings
With Brown Victory, Webb Calls for Suspending Health Care Votes
GOP Forces Vote on Kaine’s Proposed Tax Increase
Howell Takes Back Ethics Issue, Appoints Special Subcommittee
Obama Visits Fairfax Schools to Announce More Race to the Top Money
McDonnell Not Invited to Appear with Obama
Virginia Superintendents Consider Options to Cut Budgets
Filler-Corn to Run [...]

McDonnell’s Address to the Assembly
McDonnell Outlines Bold Economic Plan, Is Vague on Cuts
McDonnell Seeks Job Incentives, Says Little on Cuts
Lawmakers Reaction
Lawmakers Rip VIA Chief Coulter and Northrop Grumman
Pro-Gun, States Rights Rally Draws 1000 to Capital
Tea Party Sends Message, Hears from Marshall and Cuccinelli
Both Sides of Gun Debate Eager to Be Heard
Cuccinelli and Newman Seek to [...]