Assembly at Odds Over Congressional Districts
Nardo Elected Clerk
Anti-Abortion Activists Ask Board of Health to Model Regs After South Carolina’s
Warner, Wolf Team Up on Jobs Legislation
Newport News To Invest $15.5M in Apprentice School Project
Virginia Lawmakers Want “Arlington” Commissioned in Norfolk
Richmond Picks Jail Builder
APCo Plant Faces Shutdown
Griffith Blames EPA for Giles County Coal Plant Closing
Albemarle Board Drops [...]

Loudoun Judge Defies Virginia Supreme Court, Continues to Reopen Immigrants’ Cases
Maryland Wine Shipment Laws Create Smugging Routes from D/C. and Virginia
Coal At Center of Rules Debate
How Deep Will Defense Cuts Be in Virginia?
House Senate Plans Restore Pension Payments
Senate Budget Would Restore School Budget Cuts
Assembly Showdown Likely Over Retirement, Education and Health
Senate Proposes Funds for Cooperative [...]

Hamilton Indicted on Federal Bribery and Extortion Charges
Hamilton Denies Allegations in Federal Indictment
Marshall Calls for Virginia to Mint its Own Money
Cantor Challenges Obama on Opening Day
Cantor Says Most Americans Still Dislike Health Bill
Cantor Says GOP, Democrats Should Work Together
3 New Virginia Congressmen Take Office
Rigell Sworn In
Local Virginians Travel to See Griffith Sworn In
Hurt Says “We [...]

China and the Virginia Apple Industry
Cuccinelli Will Not Run for Senate in 2012, Does Not Rule Out Gubernatorial Bid in 2013
McDonnell to Ask State Employees to Pay for Pensions
McDonnell Seeks Money for Mental Health, Water Quality
McDonnell Prepares Budget Cuts
Cantor on Tax Deal
Hurt Received $127,000 from Industry He’ll Regulate
Politifact: Allen on Webb
Politifact: Hurt on Health Care [...]

Allen “Surprised” By Stewart’s Comments Calling Him Mediocre
Cuccinelli Says Virginia Should Consider Opting out of Medicaid and Federal Oversight of Redistricting
Christine O’Donnell to Speak to NOVA Tea Party
Wolf Calls for Audit of Dulles-Metrorail Project
Officials Fear Tolls Could Isolate South Hampton Roads
Conservative Judge Considers Cuccinelli’s Suit Against Health Care Reform
McDonnell Issues Pearl Harbor Proclamation
Virginia Senators and [...]

McDonnell’s PAc Has $1.28 Million on Hand
McDonnell Efficiency Committee Releases 107 Recommendations
Cantor Defends Position Not to Debate
Perriello, Hurt Banking Funds for Homestretch
Hurt Ad Calls Perriello A Rubber Stamp
Perriello Formally Accepts NRA Endorsement
Clark Makes Dropout Offer to Hurt
Lynchburg City, Schools Continue Consolidation Discussion
Consultants Say Campbell Middle Schools Not Meeting Needs
Campbell Approves $300 Bonus For Employees
2nd District [...]

Cuccinelli Stumping in Iowa
Cheaper to Investigate UVA Than Defend It
McDonnell’s PAC Raises Big Bucks
McDonnell Talks About South’s Future
McDonnell’s Bid for Seats on Metro Board Appear Headed for Defeat
Cuccinelli to Be Featured Speaker at Constitution Group
Perriello Says Foreign Money Financing Attack Ads
Perriello Touts Independent Streak in Bid to Keep Seat
Perriello Pushes for Earmark for 29 Improvements
Wolf [...]

Obama Urges Black Voters to Turn Out
Kaine Says Dems Shouldn’t Run from Health Care
Death Penalty Foes Support Lewis
McDonnell Selling Bank for Roadwork
Critics See More Problems with ABC Privatization
Idea Floated for Hiring ABC Employees
ABC Workers Face Job Losses
Reform Proposals Go Beyond Liquor Sales
Legislative Redistricting Met with Skepticism at Forum
Environmentalists Focus on Bay Cleanup
Most Aspects of EWaste [...]

Kinser Becomes First Woman to Head Virginia Supreme Court
Cuccinelli Blasts Utterly Destructive and Oppressive Federal Policies During Fredericksburg Visit
Northrop Grumman Vows to Fix Computer Problems
McDonnell Applies for Abstinence Only Grant
McDonnell Reappoints State Forester
Janet Howell Says House Snubbed Senate on Redistricting Hearings
Cuccinelli Town Halls Criticized as Campaign Stumping
Perriello to Speak to Tea Party in Lynchburg
Connolly Rides [...]

No Driver’s Licenses at DMV Monday
Redrawing Legislative Maps Likely to Face Challenges
State Gears Up for Redistricting
Griffith Baits Boucher, Wants Debates in Public Forums
Independent Candidate Clark in 5th District Has Debt History
Wolf Visits Riverton Dam
Cuccinelli Adds to Virginia Political Playbook
S. Carolina Gives Glimpse of New Abortion Clinic Rules
Cuccinelli Says Court Recording Systems Allowed
Tobacco Friendly Clubs Chafe [...]