Conservative Groups Launch Anti-Obama Ads
Hampton Roads Congressmen Chide Warner and Webb Over Carrier Moves
McDonnell Not Interested in Reviving Virginia Climate Panel
McDonnell, Cuccinelli Fly to Vail for Koch Bothers Seminar
Dems Gather at the Homestead
Redistricting Has Some Legislators Househunting
Martin, Houck Running
Thomas Running Against Ruff
Virginia Conservators Police Powers Raise Questions in D.C. Area
Backup on Way for State Troopers
New [...]

Cantor Pulls Out of Deficit Reduction Talks
Pelosi Unimpressed with Cantor Quitting
Plum Backs Out of Company Sponsored Uranium Trip
Hampton Roads Legislators Go to France, Paid for by Uranium Lobbyist
McDonnell Treats Campaign Donors to Homestead Retreat
National Conservative Group Donates Money to Virginia Candidates
ODU Slaying Prompts Scott to Refile Campus Safety Bill
FEMA Again Denies Tornado Aid
Griffith Statement on [...]

Justice Approves Redistricting Plans
Virginia Unemployment Rate Falls to 6%
Allen Launches New Website
Perriello: No Plans for 2012
Connolly Asks President to Golf in Fairfax
McDonnell Flies to France But Not to See Uranium
Bolling Talks Jobs
Light v. Puckett
Stanley v. Reynolds (and perhaps Evans)
Renting Making a Comeback in Hampton Roads
Rigell Proposes Using Old Barges to Stem Tangier Island Erosion
Tobacco Group Issues Raised [...]

May Revenues Increase 17.9%
McDonnell Says Surplus Could Reach $200 Million
McDonnell Urges Caution Despite Revenue Surge
Reaction Mixed to Tobacco Commission Review
Amount of Road Work Under Contract Doubled
Transportation Board Strips Hybrids from Plan
McDonnell, Bolling Celebrate Birthdays with Fundraisers
Allen Won’t Endorse in Presidential Primary
Webb, Radtke Agree on Ending Ethanol Subsidies
Donner Proposes Medicare Reform Plan
Albo Will Face Dobbyn
Handicapping Nutter [...]

Nutter to Seek to Unseat Edwards in Senate
O’Quinn Seeks House Seat Now Held by Carrico
Allen Offers Ideas to Better Ryan’s Plan
Kaine and Radtke Respond to Allen’s Blueprint
Cantor Warns Spending Bills May Slip
Groups Urge McDonnell to Invest in Children’s Mental Health
McDonnell Signs School Safety Legislation
McDonnell Promoting “Clean Energy” Bills
McDonnell Salutes Flag Day
Tougher Laws on Underage Drinking
DOJ [...]

Assembly at Odds Over Congressional Districts
Nardo Elected Clerk
Anti-Abortion Activists Ask Board of Health to Model Regs After South Carolina’s
Warner, Wolf Team Up on Jobs Legislation
Newport News To Invest $15.5M in Apprentice School Project
Virginia Lawmakers Want “Arlington” Commissioned in Norfolk
Richmond Picks Jail Builder
APCo Plant Faces Shutdown
Griffith Blames EPA for Giles County Coal Plant Closing
Albemarle Board Drops [...]

RNC Says Obama’s Prospects in Virginia Far From Certain
Goode for President?
Webb Asks Obama to Jusify Libyan Intervention
Cantor Asks GOP Senate Candidates to Support House Budget Plan
Robinson Considered for Florida Education Commissioner
Juvenile Justice Board Backs Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Assembly To Resume Redistricting Fight
Roanoke in Contention as Lawmakers Resume Redistricting
ACLU Proposes Congressional Redistricting Plan
Quayle Frets about [...]

Competing Proposals Could Impact BLack Voter Influence
Cantor First to Call for Weiner Resignation
Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign
Kaine Says Weiner Should Go
Cantor Holds Firm on No Tax Option
Allen Signs Contract with America
Griffith Says New Church Damage Estimate May Help FEMA Appeal
Hurt Talks Jobs
Virginia Organizing Rallies at Hurt’s Office
Schmookler Compares Race Against Goodlatte to Mission to [...]

Discount Bus Lines Poor Record
Waiting for Promise of High Speed Rail
Obenshain Running
Fire, Police Chiefs Salaries Top Governors’
D-Day Memorial Marks Decade Amid Challenges Ahead
Rally to Oust Franklin County Sheriff Becomes Political Event
Craig County May Have to Repay Millions in Social Service Funds
Albemarle Supervisors Encouraged to Consider Increased Funding for Capital Needs
Orange Weighs August Classes

Cantor Says Weiner Should “Come Clean”
National GOP Says Virginia to Delay Redistricting, Janis Says Not So Fast
Armstrong Seeks Re-Election- In a Different District
Armstrong v. Poindexter
Poindexter Welcomes Armstrong to Race
Morrissey Releases Polling- Says Senate Decision to Come
New River Valley House Race Takes Shape
Dems Try to Work Ryan Medicare Plan into State Races
McDonnell Daughter to Hold Wedding [...]