Man Charged with Murder in 8 Appomattox Shootings
McDonnell Reverses Kaine’s Decision on Soering Murder Case
McDonnell and VDOT Will Reopen Rest Areas by April 15th
Rest Stop Relief Coming for Desperate Drivers in Virginia
Governor Removes Hall from ABC Commission
McDonnell Invites Sledd to Attend Cabinet Meetings
McDonnell Reflects on Brown’s Win
Does Kaine Weather Massachusetts Loss as DNC Chairman?
Webb Pulls [...]

1. The Frugal Inaugural
Reports this week noted that Bob McDonnell plans to raise about 40% less money for his inaugural than his two predecessors. It seems that McDonnell in setting the right tone here: having enough events across the state to allow his supporters to celebrate, while emphasizing community service and cutting back on ostentation. [...]

(With apologies to Clement Moore)
Twas the night before Session, and all through the House
Democrats were as nervous as the most timid mouse.
The R stockings were hung by the dais with care
All knew the lobbyists soon would be there.
Mere minions were in hiding, under their beds,
Unimaginable horrors troubling their heads.
Ma had on a kerchief, maybe a [...]

Chris Peace and Albert Pollard come from different political parties.
But they share one very important trait in common.
They are continually exploring ways of communicating more effectively with their constituents.
And, given the tough times that Virginians are facing, you have to admire what they’re doing, regardless of your own political leanings.
Peace, for example, represents a district [...]

Dems Call Cantor a Hypocrite on Stimulus
Kaine House GOP headed for Showdown
Kaine Wants Hamilton Inquiry to Continue
Kaine Cites Concerns on Virginia’s Budget, Roads
Allen-Goldman Tax Credit Plan Backed by Richmond Crusade
VDOT Budget Facing $84 Million Ax
State Budget Analyst Proposes Putting Corrections Projects on Hold
Local Government Rates for Retiree Health Care Could Rise
Study Highlights Tax Burden Disparity
CAIR [...]

Virginia May Have to Cut $2.9 Billion More by 2012
Budget Cuts Could Lead to Early Release of 3,300 Tennessee Prisoners
All Eyes on Fairfax 37
Hamilton Case Ignites Calls to Revise Ethics Rules
Kaine-McDonnell Joint Appearance
Kaine Declines to Stop Execution
Sheila Johnson to Serve as McDonnell Inaugural Co-Chair
National Islamic Group Calls for McDonnell to Disavow Robertson
Minorities in Gifted Classes [...]

Sarah Abruzzese on the Sniper’s Last Moments
Liberty University Honors Jane Roe at Pro-Life Conference
Storm Forces Kaine to Declare Emergency
McDonnell to Meet with House Democrats
Obenshain Offers Legislative Preview
Perriello Becomes a Bellwether
Veterans Ask Wittman for Help
IT Chief Reopens Talks with Northrop Grumman, Draws Fire
Villanueva Certified in Virginia Beach House Seat
2 Republicans Run for Stolle Seat, Stallings Declines [...]

Webb’s Bill Leads Charge for Marking 150th Anniversary of the Civil War
Three Virginia House Democrats Undecided on Health Care
After Bad Fall Democrats Look to Bounce Back
McDonnell Staffs Up
Oleszek and Bulova Out for Senate Run, Marsden Possibly In
Democrats Doubt Depths of Amiral’s Private Pockets
GOP Complains after Perriello Votes Against His Own Earmark

GOP Boosts Dominance in House
GOP Gains In House, Reverses Trend in Outer D.C. Suburbs
All 4 House GOP Incumbents Win in Shenandoah Valley
Contested Race Results
Abbott Beats Hamilton
Garrett Wins 23rd, Valentine Yet to Concede
Charlottesville Area Delegates Remain in Office
GOP Sweeps Valley Elections
Danny Marshall Heading Back to Richmond
Oder Easily Tops West
Miller Re-elected in 87th
Pollard Narrowly Defeats Crabill
Griffith Easily [...]

Lynchburg, Virginia
November 3, 2009
Results in the Third Ward, Fourth Precinct
Where Liberty University students vote at Heritage Elementary School
Shannon Valentine-  324 Votes
Scott Garrett-  1, 964 votes
As Democrats across the state struggled to re-engage young Obama voters, the Lynchburg News and Advance observed that “buses have been rolling up to the school every few minutes from LU.”
Total [...]