Gang of Six Makes Last Ditch Effort
Boehner, Cantor Back at Table with Obama
Surplus $311M
McDonnell Has Twice the Cash Kaine Did at Mid-Point
McDonnell Puts Money Behind Nutter, Stanley
GOP Holds Massive Fundraising Advantage
Republicans Raking in Cash
Race for Cash in Senate
Warner Endorses Dodson
Hirschbiel Seeks Rigell’s Seat
Connolly Has Biggest Bankroll Among Targeted Lawmakers
Carrico Backs Griffith on Light Bulb Vote
Congressional [...]

“Eric, Don’t Call My Bluff”
Cantor-Obama Blow Up
McConnell, Cantor Clash Over Debt Limit Plan
Debt Ceiling Ideas Differ
Kaine Calls on Allen to Support Business Leaders’ Call for Debt Ceiling Hike
Kaine Predicts He’ll Need to Raise $15 Million
Allen Posts $1.1M But Trails Kaine
Griffith Wants More Spending Cuts in Budget Deal
Rigell, Other First Termers Ask Senate to Delay Recess
Connolly [...]

Justice Approves Redistricting Plans
Virginia Unemployment Rate Falls to 6%
Allen Launches New Website
Perriello: No Plans for 2012
Connolly Asks President to Golf in Fairfax
McDonnell Flies to France But Not to See Uranium
Bolling Talks Jobs
Light v. Puckett
Stanley v. Reynolds (and perhaps Evans)
Renting Making a Comeback in Hampton Roads
Rigell Proposes Using Old Barges to Stem Tangier Island Erosion
Tobacco Group Issues Raised [...]

Runte Denies Involvement in Hamilton Hire
McDonnell Signs Autism Insurance Bill
McDonnell Departs for 11 Day Trip to Asia
Connolly, McDonnell Urge Approval of Free Trade Agreement with Korea
Rigell Bill Would Halt Spending on Libyan Fighting
Forbes Takes Gates to Task on China
NSU Raises Tuition 6.25%
UMW Approves 8.8% Tiution Increase
Redistricting Discussion Comes to Rockingham
UVA Law Student Says he Made [...]

Virginia Named One of “Big Five” for 2012
In Feisty Radio Interview, Saslaw Fights Back on Car Title Lending, Abortion Regs
Connolly Won’t Run for Senate, Hopes Kaine Will
Griffith Willing to Dismantle Health Care Law Piece by Piece
Cuccinelli to Auction Lunch for Connecticut Charity
Illegal Alien in Nun’s Traffic Death Had Offenses Handled Inconsistently
Dan River Area Legislators Have [...]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator
Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend
Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win
Would Perriello Be Better for Obama?
Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots
McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money
Ticer to Retire
Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party
Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy Tax
Antiabortion Bills Fail in Senate Committee
Roanoke Labor Day [...]

McDonnell: GOP Not Ready for Obama (Yet)
Study Says Pentagon Should Pay for Transportation Improvements Necessitated by BRAC
Wind Energy Site Could Be Leased by Year’s End
Cuccinelli Disappointed by SCC Ruling on Dominion Rate Settlement
Senate Approves McDonnell Transportation Plan
House and Senate Pass McDonnell Higher Ed Package
Tea Party Comes Out Against McDonnell Transportation Funding Plan
McDonnell Wants Flexibility on [...]

Giles County School Board Votes to Rehang Ten Commandments in Schools
McDonnell’s Fundraising Shrinks Dems Edge
Democrat  Files Bill on McDonnell’s ABC Plan to Get Republicans on Record
Locke Says Repeal Amendment Sounds Like 1861
House Panel Says No to More Restrictions on Driving
Senate Advances Car Title Lending Bill
Bill to Tighten Rules for Abortion Clinics Advances
House Moves to Rescind [...]

McDonnell Says Virginia Closely Monitoring Maryland Incident
Attorney General’s Office Confirms Letters on Forbes Fraud
Obama Okays JFCOM Closure, New Cuts Imperil 160 More Jobs
Roughly Half of JFCOM Will Remain
Cantor Says GOP Still Pushing to Repeal Health Care
Webb, Warner Ask for Bill to Make Fort Monroe a National Park
NOVA Republicans Propose to Tax Out-of-State Corporations to Fund [...]

Governor Calls Claim That Forbes Fraud was Ignored Troubling
Roanoke College Poll Has McDonnell Approval at 57%, Obama 36%
Population Growth Not Enough to Add Congressional Seat
Governor’s Committee Finds Virginia Health Care Mediocre
ACLU Threatens to Sue Over Marshall Bill
Connolly Says Contractor Cuts in NOVA to be Much Smaller than Previously Feared
Perriello Summarizes His Two Years in Office
State [...]