Marshall Takes Flag Flap to Bernake
Warner Disappointed that Talks Unraveled
McDonnell Asks SBA for Tornado Aid
Did McDonnell Tip Liberals to Koch Confab
Houck Running
Donors Provided $24,000 for Hamilton Defense
Goochland Treasurer Losses at $230,000
Falwell Appointed to Manufacturing Development Board
“Reasonable Assurance” for Bypass Funding

RNC Says Obama’s Prospects in Virginia Far From Certain
Goode for President?
Webb Asks Obama to Jusify Libyan Intervention
Cantor Asks GOP Senate Candidates to Support House Budget Plan
Robinson Considered for Florida Education Commissioner
Juvenile Justice Board Backs Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Assembly To Resume Redistricting Fight
Roanoke in Contention as Lawmakers Resume Redistricting
ACLU Proposes Congressional Redistricting Plan
Quayle Frets about [...]

The decision by the Richmond Federal Reserve to fly a gay pride flag in order to highlight its committment to inclusiveness and to honor its gay and lesbian employees
Provoked a heated response by Delegate Bob Marshall who called it an
“Endorsement of costly, antisocial immoral behavior” and an
“Attack on public morals.”
Strong stuff.
And, from what I can [...]

Flag at Fed Reignites Gay Rights Debate
Conservatives Call on Fed to Take Down Gay Pride Flag
Allen Expresses Regret Over Macaca Comment
Trump Dings Cantor
Wampler Won’t Seek Reelection
Wampler Retires
Blevins Running

I received the following release and letter from Bob Marshall late last evening.
Look for the story to go national this morning.
June 2, 2011
Marshall to Richmond Fed:  “Take Down That Flag”
Manassas, VA-Delegate Robert G. “Bob” Marshall sent the letter below to the President of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank asking him to remove the [...]

Senate Race Heats Up Early Over Debt Ceiling
Kaine Says Gay Couples Should Be Able to Adopt
Cantor Says Easing Regulatory Burden Would Help Economy
Cantor Won’t Get Involved in Redistricting
Warner, Webb Reject Senate Proposal to Open Virginia Coast to Offshire Drilling
Gang of Six At Impasse as Coburn Drops Out
Warner Disappointed but Not Discouraged
Veterans Group Names Webb Legislator [...]

Cuccinelli Sends Redistricting Map to Both Justice Department and Court for Review
Hamilton Under Fire for Alleged Deception in ODU Bribery Case
Feds Say Evidence Against Hamilton “Reeks”
Federal Court Hears Two Health Care Appeals
Virginia Officials Make Case Against Obama Health Care Law
Health Care Law Gets Friendly Reception from Appeals Court Panel
Poll Puts McDonnell on Top Among Virginia [...]

Cuccinelli-UVA Climate Dispute Heats Up
Senators Might Have Deal on Virginia Beach as Redistricting Talks Continue
McDonnell Questions Obama’s Policies But Not Birthplace
McDonnell Backs Adoptions by Single Gays, But Not Unwed Couples
NRSC Digging on Soering
Hearing Set on Hamilton’s Bankruptcy Plan
Virginia Defers Changes to Blue Crab Industry
Virginia Faces Many Hurdles on Offshore Wind
Obama Urged to Make Ft. Monroe [...]

Lawmakers Pay Tribute to Larry Dillard
Kaine-Allen Called a National Bellwether
Griffith Learning to “Use Bills the DC Way”
Politifact: GOP Claim about Kaine
Bridge-Tunnel Proposals Set Aside for More Study
Unused VDOT Project Funds at $3.5M
Melvin to Interview for Judgeship
Social Services Adoption Decision
Virginia 6th Lowest Tax Rate for Expanding Businesses
State Backs Eastern Shore Hospital Move- with Conditions
Transportation Plan Allots [...]

Cantor Escalates GOP Demands on Debt Limit
Warner Says JFCOM Closure Could Prompt Brain Drain
Supreme Court Renews Death Probe in CVTC Case
Bedford City Boards Vote to Sue Bedford County School Board Over School Closure
Next 6 Year Roads Plan Contains $2.6 Billion More
Shad Planking
Stewart Eyes Senate Bid
Marshall Still Interested in Senate Run
Hampton Roads Leaders Praise Senate Dems [...]