Spotlight on Cantor
McDonnell Says Safe Uranium Mining Would Benefit State
McDonnell Signs Order Requiring State Vehciles to Use Alternative Fuels
McDonnell Political Operation Has $3M on Hand
Radtke Wants Debate with Allen
Webb for Closing Loopholes But Not Income Tax Hikes
Webb Asks for Silence on Veterans Day
Garrett Wants to Tighten Immigration Law
Northrop Grumman Names Executive to Manage IT Contract
Tenuous [...]

Hampton Roads Culinary Schools See Growing Enrollment
Cantor Holds Firm on Tax Stance
Debt Ceiling Debate Enters Senate Race
State to Solicit Proposals on Switching Vehicles to Alternate Fuels
Retirement System Rebounds, Contribution Rates Will Likely Rise
Bay Cleanup Progress on Track
Farm Animals Protected by New Law
McDonnell Says State Will Not Contribute More Money for Rail to Dulles
Another Volley in [...]

Obama Calls Meeting Constructive
Labor Battle at Center of Senate Race
Kaine Says He Supports Drilling Bill, NRSC Says He Doesn’t
Mike Henry Named Kaine Campaign Manager
Radtke Proposes Abolishing Metro Washington Airports Authority
Webb Supports Passenger Rail, Cites Lynchburg Line
Griffith Calls EPA Regs Another Attack on American Jobs
Most Internet Gambling Cafes Closed
Bullying Students Top Concern
Church to Seek 4th term [...]

Report Says Tuition Soaring at 2 Yr. Colleges
Fort Monroe Gets Push as National Park
Poll Finds Virginians Still Against Same Sex Marriage
McDonnell Gets Solid Approval Ratings
Democratic Group Launches Ad Attacking Virginia Republicans
Saslaw, Armstrong Urge Allen to Take Stand on Ryan Plan
Allen Offers Cautious Praise for Ryan Plan
Bolling, Cuccinelli Call on Kaine to Take Stand on Labor [...]

Virginia Ranked Best for Business
Homebuilders Sue Over Bay Restoration Plan
Allen Uses Kaine’s Fundraising to Boost His Own
3 NOVA House Primaries
Aldous Announces Candidacy Against Deeds
Radtke Endorses Loyola for State Senate
Feds Want Hamilton to Give Up $87,000 He Got from ODU
Richard Poff Dies
Fairfax’s Herrity Blasts Luxury Affordable Housing
Salazar to Discuss Obama Initiative at Fort Monroe
Verizon’s Woltz to [...]

McDonnell Signs Bill Aimed to Slow Tuition Increases, Boost College Degrees
Cuccinelli Urges Pastors to Speak Out, Defend Values
Lawmakers Flying to France as Part of Lobbying Push for Uranium Mining
McDonnell Solicits Judicial Appts. as General Assembly Continues to Argue
Tito the Builder to Run for State Senate
Tucker Announces Candidacy in 22nd
Cuccinelli Endorses Carrico for Wampler Seat
Medlin Challenges [...]

May Revenues Increase 17.9%
McDonnell Says Surplus Could Reach $200 Million
McDonnell Urges Caution Despite Revenue Surge
Reaction Mixed to Tobacco Commission Review
Amount of Road Work Under Contract Doubled
Transportation Board Strips Hybrids from Plan
McDonnell, Bolling Celebrate Birthdays with Fundraisers
Allen Won’t Endorse in Presidential Primary
Webb, Radtke Agree on Ending Ethanol Subsidies
Donner Proposes Medicare Reform Plan
Albo Will Face Dobbyn
Handicapping Nutter [...]

Nutter to Seek to Unseat Edwards in Senate
O’Quinn Seeks House Seat Now Held by Carrico
Allen Offers Ideas to Better Ryan’s Plan
Kaine and Radtke Respond to Allen’s Blueprint
Cantor Warns Spending Bills May Slip
Groups Urge McDonnell to Invest in Children’s Mental Health
McDonnell Signs School Safety Legislation
McDonnell Promoting “Clean Energy” Bills
McDonnell Salutes Flag Day
Tougher Laws on Underage Drinking
DOJ [...]

Miracle Finish in C’Ville
Allen Thought Something “Not Quite Right” with Weiner
Allen to Present Blueprint for America’s Comeback
Radtke: Abolish Fannie and Freddie
Radtke Makes Danville Stop
Kaine Calls Lack of Senate Budget a Major Problem
Obama Campaign Said to Be “Hard at Work” in Virginia
McDonnell, GOP Govs Want Medicaid Flexibility
Southern Govs Say Federal Policy Holds Back Manufacturing
McDonnell on Road,  [...]

Virginia Unemployment Rate 5.8%
Cuccinelli Legal Position May End Funding for Cultural and Historical Groups
Cuccinelli Is Key Endorsement in Senate Primary
Allen Calls for Kaine’s Take on Obama’s Israel-Palestine Remarks
Allen Won’t Say How He Would Vote on Ryan Budget Plan
Cantor Faults Mideast Speech
Forbes Criticizes Obama Speech
Armstrong Will Run, Hasn’t Decided Where
Genther Plans to Challenge Marshall
Tito the Builder [...]