Jim Moran: Racism Fueled Democratic Losses
Jim Moran Says GOP Won in 2010 Because a “Lot of People” Don’t Want Black President
Cuccinelli Intervenes in Suit Alleging Pension Fraud
Connaughton Says State Did Its Best to Deal with Snowstorm
Radtke Addresses U.S. Senate Tea Party Caucus
House Panel Approves Autism Coverage
House Votes to Alter Workers Comp Law
House Panel Won’t Ban [...]

GOP Picks Stanley to Run for Hurt Seat
Virginia Jobless Rate Stays at 6.5%
McDonnell, Va. Lawmakers Confront Gates on JFCOM
Some JFCOM Functions May Remain in Hampton Roads
JLARC Report Says McDonnell Plan Off By Millions
JLARC Says McDonnell Estimates on ABC Privatization Too High
Forbes Sentenced to 10 Years for $4 Million Fraud
Maryland, Virginia, DC Leaders Push Ahead with [...]

Candidates Don’t Know Who Funds Attack Ads
Cuccinelli Prepares for Health Care Argument in Federal Court
Democrats Look to Gather Their Voice
McDonnell’s Energy Plan Faces Hurdles Everywhere
McDonnell Asks Economic Leaders to Strive for Jobs
Wholesalers a Formidable Lobby in Privatization Debate
Moran Sticks to His Past
Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs Focus in 10th
Libertarian Candidate Redpath Knows Odds Are Long
EPA [...]

Cantor, White House Squabble Over Tax Cuts
Lewis Asks McDonnell to Reconsider
McDonnell Invited to JFCOM Meeting at Pentagon
Senate Hearing Set on JFCOM Closure
McDonnell, Bolling to Talk About Reform at Tea Party Convention
McDonnell Scores Some Support at Values Voters Summit
Cuccinelli Touts Regional Grand Juries
Advocacy Group calls on DMV To Rescind Policy Limiting Use of Work Permit Cards
D.C. [...]

White Supremacist’s Name Removed from Radford U. Building
Boucher Uses $29,352 in Campaign Funds to Buy Car
Schools to Divvy Up $250 Million
McDonnell Will Not Stop Woman’s Execution
McDonnell Statement On Scheduled Execution of  Teresa Lewis
Lawmakers Sour on ABC Sale
War Memorial’s Galanti Center to Open
Perot to Attend Galanti Center Opening
Warner Hits the Road on Summer Vacation
McCain to Raise [...]

Prince William’s Corey Stewart Wants Virginia to Emulate Arizona
Virginia Republicans Support Statewide Appointees to Metro Board
McDonnell Working to Wean Virginia From Liquor Business
Saslaw Opposes ABC Privatization
Janet Howell Says McDonnell Contradicting Himself on Medicaid Funding
McDonnell to Appoint Burns as State Tax Commissioner
Tax Official Crashed Car on Day She Died
Cuccinelli Will Set Aside Special Account to Hold [...]

Genetic Research Venture in Fairfax Falls Apart
Appeals Court Upholds Permit for Coal Fired Plant in Wise
In Allen’s Book, Sport is Allegory for Politics
McDonnell Says He Did Not Know about Malek’s Past
McDonnell Says He Didn’t Know of Malek’s Nixon Work, McEachin Calls It Beyond Belief
Rigell Surveys Says He’s Frontrunner in 2nd District Primary
Fimian Poll Says He’s [...]

NAACP Threatens to Block Richmond Construction Sites
Couple Will Accept $2.2 Million for Land in Roanoke Eminent Domain Case
Moran’s Investments
Has McDonnell’s National Rehab Begun?
U.S. Asks Judges to Toss Cuccinelli Suit
McDonnell Meets with Legislative Black Caucus
Bolling, Cuccinelli Hold Private Meeting
Governor’s Cabinet Makes Less than Local Deputies
Bristol Area Congressmen Say Greenhouse Emission Regs Should Be Decided by Congress, [...]

Jim Moran Writes Letter to Cuccinelli on UVA Subpoena
Goodlatte Questions Holder on Soering Transfer
Federal Court of Appeals Hears Challenge to Virginia Stripper Laws
Port Authority Would Pay $800 Million Over 20 Years to Lease APM Terminal
Revenues Rise for Second Month, Though Still Forecasted to Be Down for Year
GOP Primary in NOVA 11 Sounds Familiar, But with a [...]

Virginia Officials Reconsider Support for Drilling
Cuccinelli Investigates “Climategate” Scientist
Climate Scentist Mann Says Cuccinelli Subpoena an Abuse of Office
Cuccinelli Halts Use of New Lapel Pin
McDonnell to Host Fundraiser for Ehrlich
Hampton Roads Seafood Industry to Feel Effects of Oil Disaster
Hampton Roads Security Heightens After NYC Bomb Attempt
Hampton School Board Candidate Says Iverson Remarks Sparked Her Write-In Campaign [...]