Dominion Still Seeks Reactor License
Kaine Closer to Senate Run
Twitter Wild About Kaine
Forum Explores Southwest Virginia’s Redistricting Preferences
McDonnell Selects Duke, Picks UR and GMU to Fall in 2nd Round
Ad Targets Out-of-State Tourists
Hazelett Says Henrico Must Remain Very Very Cautious
Richmond to Study Pension System, Possible VRS Merger
Roanoke Regional Partnership Says Region Escaped Worst of Recession
Shucet Says HRT [...]

Kaine Says Primaries Hold Lessons for Both Parties
Former UVA President O’Neill Urges Cuccinelli Court Challenge
Cuccinelli Says UVA Research Probe is About Fraud
Contracts Awarded for Spot Improvements on I-66
Danville Tea Party Leader Endorses Morton in 5th District Race
Albemarle Peers Endorse Boyd in 5th District Race
Webb Asks VA about Screning Process for Veterans Groups
Veterans Administration Removes Navy [...]

It’s now five days since Virginia’s election day, surely long enough to gain near infallible insight into the tea leaves harvested by the results!
The problem, of course, is that there are a plethora of “infallible insights” from folks gazing at the tea leaves with glasses tinted with a particular political hue.¬†
Objective observers are hard to [...]

The VPAP Map or the Sea of Red
Dems, Incumbents Get Wake-Up Call
GOP Reclaims Virginia
Virginia Democrats Reign Ends in Sweep
It’s Not 2008 Anymore
Policies Not Parties Paramount
Cuccinelli Landslide Rounds Out GOP Sweep
Bolling Wins Second Term
McDonnell Sidesteps National Impact
Kaine’s Reaction
Kaine-Cantor Clash Over Election’s Meaning
Gilmore’s Reaction
Kaine’s Legacy

Deeds and McDonnell Make Final Pushes
McDonnell, Deeds Campaign in Charlottesville Area
Kaine Appears on MSNBC
Jim Moran Calls GOP the “Taliban Ticket”
Palin Calls Virginia Voters without Mentioning McDonnell
Pat Robertson and Family Donate Money to McDonnell
GOP Rallies at Winchester Airport
GOP Eyes Three State Sweep
GOP Expects to Make Gains in House of Delegates
Sensing Big Gains, GOP Makes Late Donations [...]

PPP’s final poll in the race has McDonnell up 14, Bolling 13 and Cuccinelli 16.
Given the funding disadvantage that confronted Deeds in the final weeks, Democrats are not too surprised at the top of the ticket numbers.
But they are almost disconsolate that the vigorous anti-Cuccinelli campaign waged in the last week does not appear to [...]

McDonnell Has 12 Point Advantage in RTD Poll
McDonnell’s Money Lead Grows and Grows
Candidates Hold Rallies
Last Minute Campaigning in Hampton Roads
Campaigns Use New Media for GOTV
Liberty U Hoping for Strong Voter Turnout on Tuesday
Candidates Mum on How to Fund Their Ideas
Democratic Mayor Frank Pens Letter for Hamilton
Democrat Jeffrey Endorse GOP’s Bird in House Race Against Ware
Lynchburg [...]

1. Deeds-Aster?
This is what the Democrats appear to expecting on Tuesday evening. A Deeds loss (and a big one) seems to be a foregone conclusion in Democratic circles.¬†Most Dems don’t believe that either Jody Wagner or Steve Shannon will be able to withstand the GOP tide that is likely to sweep across Virginia, despite efforts [...]

Bolling, Cuccinelli Lead in T-D Poll
Dash for Votes
McDonnell on Hannity
McDonnell Urges Voters to Go to Polls
GOP Rallies in Lynchburg
Deeds Urges Obama Backers to Send a Message
Warner Misses Deeds Events Due to Flu
Planned Parenthood Criticizes McDonnell’s Comments
Money, Missteps Cost Deeds
Kaine Meets with Paper Mill Workers
Perriello Says He’s Undecided on Health Care Bill
Gilbert, Lesinski Emphasize Economy
Amtrak Challenges [...]

Candidates Gather Force in March to Election Day
Obama Sends Letter for Deeds
Immigrants Urged to Back Deeds
GOP Ticket Rallies in Danville
The Donald Donates to McDonnell
McDonnell Gets Washington Board of Trade Endorsement
Shannon Highlights Endorsements in New Ad
Virginia Investigates Legality of Access to Voter List
State Looks Into Missed Absentee Ballot Deadlines
Trible Says He Made Mistake in Using CNU [...]