It was an extremely slow political week, though our leading political figures all found something to be thankful for.
1. Mark Warner
Virginia’s junior senator may have been one of the few Democrats who didn’t mind the whipping his party took at the beginning of the month. Warner could well be thankful for a divided national government. [...]

McDonnell Hires Outside Consultant to Study ABC Privatization
Is Webb Thinking of Retiring
Fimian Will Concede to Connolly
Connolly Released from Hospital After Treatment for Blood Clot
Democrats to Sit Out Race for Hurt’s Seat
Bowman to Announce Bid for Hurt Seat
Habeeb Makes It Official, with Griffith and Goodlatte at His Side
Moran Makes His Case for Party Chair
Dems Conclude That [...]

Cantor Encouraged by Tax Talk
Are Rural Democrats an Endangered Species?
Perriello as Democratic “Martyr”
Fairfax GOP Chief Questions Totals in Connnolly-Fimian Race
Broadcast Networks Lag behind FOX on Election Night
Stafford Growth Debated at Polls
Caroline School Board Winner Facing Challenge
McDonnell Would Consider Liquor Referendum
President Helped Boost Turnout
Dems Seek Legal Advice on Possible Moran Leadership Bid
Lobbying Law Expert Says Virginia [...]

McDonnell Surprised by Griffith Victory
Griffith Slogan Helped Him Defeat Boucher
Hurt Discusses Transition, Perriello Thanks Supporters
What’s Next for Perriello?
Counting Continues in Connolly-Fimian
Questions from the 2010 Results
Griffith, Hurt Seats Need to Be Filled
Stanley to Run for Hurt Seat
Habeeb Considering Run for Griffith Seat
Rousselot Announces for Dem Party Chair
Rainy Day Amendment Barely Passes
Elections Brings New Voices to Military [...]

Cantor Takes Aim at Obama Initiatives
Cantor Lays Out 22 Page Game Plan
Cantor Wants Cuts Everywhere
Cantor Making Calls to Every GOP Lawmaker
Rigell Says to Reform Congress, Starting with Members’ Perks
Analysis Reveals Griffith Cap and Trade Strategy Worked
Anatomy of Griffith Upset
Did Democrats Go Fishing in the 9th
Griffith Says Tazewell Was Key Breakthrough
Hurt Begins Transition, Family to Stay [...]

Warner, McDonnell, Cuccinelli Stump in 5th
2 Million Calls Made to 5th
Virginia’s Top Legislators Rally in Danville
Hurt Seeks $1 Million in TV Ad Defamation Suit
Election Night Preview in the 5th
Voters Get Last Word in Tense Election
Griffith Rallies in Galax
Final Day in the 9th
Election Night Preview in the 9th: Part One
Election Night Preview in the 9th: Part [...]

Grim Dems Await Huge House Losses
Sink or Swim Time for Dems
Virginia Holds Two Keys to Unlock GOP Resurgence in House
Virginia Races Closely Watched
McDonnell and Others Rally for Hurt
GOP Slams Dems on Clark Mailers
Environmental Groups Question Hurt on Uranium Vote
2nd District Candidates Reach Out in the Homestretch
Virginia Voters to Weigh Breaks for Veterans, Elders
Taxpayers Dishing Out [...]

Cantor Says No Government Shutdown
Large Crowd for Obama in C’Ville
Obama Urges Perriello Re-election
Obama’s Remarks
Residents, Students, Protestors Pack Rally
Hurt Calls Obama Visit “Hail Mary” Pass
Dems Hold the Line with Perriello
GOP Slams Democrat-Backed Mailings for Clark
Voters in 11th Restless But Not as Angry
Who’s Right on SWVA Job Numbers
Kaine on Wilder: No One’s Ever Accused Him of Being [...]

C’Ville Prepares for Obama
Kaine, Warner, Webb in Final Push for Congressional Candidates
GOP Heavyweight Tour
Hurt Promises to Cut Taxes, Regulations
Perriello Gets Airtime on Colbert, Daily Show
Perriello Says Hurt Would End Subsidies for Laid Off Workers
Ag Secretary Tours with Perriello
Bloomberg Backed Group, Tech Victim Brother Hit Fimian in New Ad
Israel Takes Center Stage in Final 2nd District [...]

Obama Credits Perriello with Tough Vote
Group to Protest Obama Visit to C’Ville
Perriello Hangs Tough in Brutal 5th
Hurt-Perriello Debate Centers on Economic Issues
Perriello Hits Hurt on Outsourcing
McDonnell’s Raised $2.5 Million for GOP Candidates
McDonnell Enjoys Iowa, New Hampshire
Dems Shell Out $1 Million to Boost Connolly
Tea Party Leaders Ask Golden to Drop Out
State Big Guns to Come to [...]