Cantor Says GOP Pressed Obama to Stop Demagoguery
Cantor Asks Obama to Keep Tax Hikes Out of Debt Talks
Virginia Dems Supported Clean Debt Ceiling Hike
McDonnell Announces Incentive to Save State Funds
Kaine to Headline Chesterfield Dems Event
Armstrong Appears Set to Take on Poindexter
Marsh to Run, Morrissey Mum on Possible Challenge
Cox Running
Reynold to Leave Administration
Dodson Running
Dems Think Dodson [...]

McDonnell’s State of the Commonwealth Address
McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Lead
McDonnell Calls for Civility and Borrowing $2.9B
Democratic Reactions
McDonnell Makes Hard Sell for Transportation
McDonnell Reveals ABC Plan
Governor Needs House Sponsor for Liquor Plan
McDonnell to Call for Hushed Rhetoric
McDonnell Security Tightened
Cantor Speaks on House Floor for Resolution Honoring Victims
Hurt Says He’s Open to Public Despite Shooting
Goodlatte Introduces Balanced [...]

Hamilton Indicted on Federal Bribery and Extortion Charges
Hamilton Denies Allegations in Federal Indictment
Marshall Calls for Virginia to Mint its Own Money
Cantor Challenges Obama on Opening Day
Cantor Says Most Americans Still Dislike Health Bill
Cantor Says GOP, Democrats Should Work Together
3 New Virginia Congressmen Take Office
Rigell Sworn In
Local Virginians Travel to See Griffith Sworn In
Hurt Says “We [...]

Hudson Strikes Down Part of Health Care Law
Years of Wrangling Lie Ahead for Health Law
Cuccinelli on the Health Care Ruling
Cuccinelli Fundraising Off Health Care Win
McDonnell Urges Fast Track to High Court, Dems Blast Cuccinelli
Cantor Calls for Expedited Review
JFCOM Told to Expect 40%-50% Workforce Cuts
JLARC Says VRS Underfunded
Virginia Has Borrowed $346 Million to Cover Jobless Payments
Cox [...]

Allen “Surprised” By Stewart’s Comments Calling Him Mediocre
Cuccinelli Says Virginia Should Consider Opting out of Medicaid and Federal Oversight of Redistricting
Christine O’Donnell to Speak to NOVA Tea Party
Wolf Calls for Audit of Dulles-Metrorail Project
Officials Fear Tolls Could Isolate South Hampton Roads
Conservative Judge Considers Cuccinelli’s Suit Against Health Care Reform
McDonnell Issues Pearl Harbor Proclamation
Virginia Senators and [...]

Cox Elected Majority Leader and Janis Majority Whip
Dems Elect Moran as Chairman
Bell Targets Cyberbullying
Virginia May Seek Expedited Health Care Ruling
Delays Plague VRE
Senate Legislation Would Have Army Account for Every Grave at Arlington
NOVA Dog Mural Results in Legal Dispute
Members of Religious Group in Norfolk Claim Special Rights
Reports Show that Officials Knew Blacksburg High School Gym Had [...]