McDonnell Advisor Calls House Leaders Spineless on Liquor Privatization, Hugo Emails Response
McDonnell Backs All of the Above Strategy on Energy
McDonnell Renews Call for Offshore Drilling
State Tax Collections Rose, Total Growth Below Forecast
McDonnell Has No Plans to Run for President in 2012
Cuccinelli To Investigate Mortgage Foreclosures
Cuccinelli Defends Positions at UVA
Hurt, Perriello Stake Out Positions in First [...]

McDonnell, Christie Will Hit Campaign Trail for GOP
McDonnell Tells Higher Ed Commission Middle Class Families Need Tuition Relief
Tight Fimian-Connnolly Race Takes Some Negative Turns
Hurt- Perriello to Meet for First Time Wednesday
Hurt Outraises Perriello in Quarter
Perriello Brings in $810,000, Hurt $900,000
9th District Candidates Squabble, Tea party Likes Bain
Griffith Responds to Campaign Criticism with Legislative Illegal Immigration [...]

Gillespie Hurls Charges at Obama
Ohio GOP Candidate Defends Nazi Reenactments that Cantor Criticized
Perriello Says Hurt Avoids Tough Stances
Police Groups and Anti-Abortion Group Endorse Griffith
Boucher, the 9th and the WSJ
Ball Responds, Hillary in Mind
Marshall Backed Ron Paul for President
Stewart Asks Tea Party to Support Immigration Bill
Sierra Club Says Virginia Falling Behind on Renewable Energy
Group Promotes Wind [...]

1. The Tea Party Succeeds
This week’s Virginia Tea Party convention was an indication how formidable the movement has become and how important it may be to upcoming Republican Party nomination contests. Perhaps the largest signal of the Tea Party’s success was the interest that Virginia statewide officeholders and future candidates expressed in having a prominent [...]

5th District Race Tight, Rigell Opens Lead in 2nd
Photo Finish in the 5th?
Perriello Endorsed by VFW PAC
U.S. Chamber Backs Hurt
Clark May Ponder Dropping Out of 5th District Race
Bloggers Post Revealing Photos of Democrat Krystal Ball
Ball Condemns Posting of Party Pictures
9th District Congressional Candidate Heaton Films I-81 Workers, Asks About Immigration Status
Heaton Video
Griffith and Hurt Haven’t [...]

Boucher Retains Double Digit Lead in New Poll in 9th
Wittman, Ball Both Back Cuts
New Tax Under McDonnell ABC Privatization Plan
Janet Howell Says ABC Special Session Will be in November
DMV Seeks New Photos of 4K Customers
Virginia Police Chief Questions Immigration Policy
Suffolk Official Who Sent Nude Photos Defends Firing Decision
Five in Norfolk Fired or Forced Out Over [...]

Silek Says Front Royal Councilmen “Chose This Ugly Process”
Portsmouth Poker Halls to Face Enforcement from Prosecutor
SurveyUSA: Boucher 52%, Griffith 39%
VCU Poll Has McDonnell’s Ratings Mixed
Warner Calls McDonnell’s ABC Numbers Wildly Optimistic
McDonnell Tries to Lure European Companies to Virginia
Warner on Top Chef, a Bit of a “Foodie”
Perriello Touts Constituent Service Work
Hurt Pitches to Tea Partiers
Wittman Raises [...]

Officials Balk at Renaming Town After Pitcher
Cuccinelli Urges Judge to Let Health Care Suit Proceed
Fierce GOP Primary to Take on Connolly
2nd District GOP Primary Today
1st District GOP Primary Today
Sunny Skies Forecast in Hampton Roads for Election Day
Virginia Democratic Party Presses Malek Concerns
Saslaw Says Democratic Attacks Against Malek a Mistake
Several D.C. Area Hospitals Do Not Have [...]

Roxann Robinson Wins GOP Nod forNixon Seat
Obama, McDonnell Grip and Grin
McDonnell Wants to Toll at N.C. Line
McDonnell Expects “Big Changes” from Restructuring Panel
Democrats Attack McDonnell’s Selection of Malek for Reform Commission
UVA “Exploring Options” on Cuccinelli Climate Change Subpoena
JLARC Offers Guidelines on Privatization
A Krystal Ball in Congress?
Fort Lee Military Hotel Wins Okay to Move Forward
Retired Norfolk [...]

Militia Movement Heroes Will Be Packing Heat at Rally
Police Seize Riot Photos From JMU Student Newspaper
After Pulitzer Win, Saga for Reporter and Story Continue
Cantor Blames Democrats For Excessive Spending in Response to Obama
Ist District Candidate Spending Recorded
Tea Party Influence Could Cut Two Ways
Liberty Students Intend to Make Voice Heard in Lynchburg City Council Elections
Student Political [...]