State Officials Gather to Honor Virginia’s War Dead
Cantor and GOP Roll Out Plan to Increase Job Growth
Wilder on Nigeria Governor’s Forum
McDonnell Says State Will End Year with Surplus
McDonnell Says State Could Save with Natural Gas Powered Vehicles
Colgan Undecided about Run
Virginia Officials Study Privatizing Sex Predator Detention Program
StarTek in Talks to Repay Job Creation Grants
Cities Buck [...]

Wilder Helping Nigerian Governors Get Set Up
Kaine Won’t Say How He Would Have Voted on Obama Budget
The Request for Repudiation Rules the Senate Race
UVA Agrees to Complete Response to Global Warming Public Records Request by August
Officials Want George’s Suit Withdrawn
Military, Vets to Get in Free to State Parks
Virginia Offers Tax Break to Prepare for Storms
Goochland [...]

We rebuilt the Democratic Party of Virginia to exist for the benefit of its members and the citizens of this commonwealth. Does it still?
Since the modern era of Virginia political history began - in 1969 when two-party competition first started - Virginia Democrats have ended statewide electoral draughts before. As a matter of fact, in [...]

1. A Tragic Week
Two devastating tragedies overwhelmed all other news in the Commonwealth this week.
First, Tornado-related deaths in Washington County and the extensive destruction in the wake of the twister further compounded the recent disasters in Pulaski and Gloucester. All accounts note that this has been one of the worst tornado seasons in U.S. history. And all [...]

Wilder Commentary Says Minority Representation Takes Back Seat in Redistricting
House, Senate Resume Remapping Work
Virginia Republicans Vent About McDonnell’s Redistricting Veto
Is Virginia On Verge of Racial Battle Over Redistricting
Sabato Says Allen and Kaine Will be Tough to Topple
Portsmouth Faces Heavy Burden from Pensions
Damascus, VA: Trail Town USA
Proposed Cigarette Tax Draws Ire in Danville
Special Prosecutor Investigates Madison [...]

Senate Race Verging toward Kaine v. Allen
Allen Staffs Up
Donner Considers GOP Senate Bid
Scott Not Yet Ready to Make Decision on Senate, Spokesperson Says
Assembly Looks for Quick Redistricting
Education, Local Government Groups Urge Veto of PE Bill
Cantor Looks to Local Face of Health Care
Hurt Bill Aims to Help Small Business
Politifact: Goodlatte Claim on Spending Cuts Mostly True
Civil [...]

Cantor Predicts Epic Battle in 2012
Wilder Calls Scott Formidable
McDonnell Talks Energy, Healthcare with Virginia Delegation
McDonnell in Washington
McDonnell Appeals for Donations to Help Japan Disaster Victims
Governor’s Redistricting Panel Visits NOVA
Private Redistricting Persists as Group Cries Foul
EPA Takes Aim at Coal-Fired Plants, Including APCo
Virginia Leaders Renew Criticism of EPA Bay Cleanup Plan
Tea Partiers Protest at Griffith Office
Tea [...]

Norfolk Takes Hit in Tussle with Florida Over Carrier
Continuing Tradition: Warner Talks Up Federal Workers
McDonnell PAC Beefs Up
McDonnell in the Sunshine State
Economic Study Touts Governor’s Plan
2 Turnovers Would Shift Senate Power
Doug Wilder, the NFL and Arab Spring of 2011
Could Holton’s ‘78 Senate Bid Infleunce Kaine
Signer to Focus on PAC, Not Senate Run
Survey Shows Allen with [...]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator
Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend
Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win
Would Perriello Be Better for Obama?
Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots
McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money
Ticer to Retire
Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party
Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy Tax
Antiabortion Bills Fail in Senate Committee
Roanoke Labor Day [...]

In Wake of DOJ Report, McDonnell Proposes Spending Money to Move Developmentally Disabled to Community Based Care
Virginia Officials: $2B in 10 Years for Disabled
Virginia Agrees to Allow Alcohol Ads on Billboards
Kaine Talks to Obama
White House Confrms Talk with Kaine
Waiting Kaine
Perriello Will Consider Senate Run if Kaine Doesn’t
Webb for Kaine
Webb Commends Urbanski Nomination
Wittman Touts Telework Bill
Goodlatte Says [...]