Norfolk Takes Hit in Tussle with Florida Over Carrier
Continuing Tradition: Warner Talks Up Federal Workers
McDonnell PAC Beefs Up
McDonnell in the Sunshine State
Economic Study Touts Governor’s Plan
2 Turnovers Would Shift Senate Power
Doug Wilder, the NFL and Arab Spring of 2011
Could Holton’s ‘78 Senate Bid Infleunce Kaine
Signer to Focus on PAC, Not Senate Run
Survey Shows Allen with [...]

Deeds Surges to Stunning Win
Kaine Congratulates Deeds
Moran Concedes
McAuliffe Concedes
Wagner Wins Lieutenant Governor Nod
Primary Day Was Marked by Low Turnout
Ware, Howell Hold On, Koury Defeats Hull
4 NOVA Races Key to Shaping Fight For Legislature
Cox Gets GOP Nod in 55th, Carr Gets Dems Nod in 69th
Garrett Wins GOP Nod to Face Shannon Valentine
Woody Wins Primary for Richmond [...]

Severe Thunderstorms Hit as Polls Open in NOVA
Deeds Holds Lead in Latest Primary Polls
Primary Hinges on Voter Turnout
Two Touched By Tech Tragedy Send Letter Opposing Deeds Because of Gun Stance
Lynchburg Voters League Criticizes Mailing Attacking McAuliffe
Brian Moran, Knute Rockne and Remembering the Titans
Family Time for McDonnell
McAuliffe Rallies Support
Deeds Sweeps Through the South
Jim Moran: “I’m Concerned”
Dialing Brian [...]

Unions Hope Patronage Translates Into Leverage
Candidates Dash to Turn Out the Vote
Primary Now a Horse Race
McAuliffe Picks Up Scott’s Support
Schweitzer, Rendell and the Endorsement Hierarchy
Illegal Immigration on Back Burner
Voter Guide: Democratic Gubernatorial Primary
Voters Set to Pick Bolling’s Opponent
Voter Guide: Democratic Lieutenant Governor Primary
Primaries Crucial in 55th and 69th District Races
Voters Will  Decide if  Attacks  Were [...]

Recognition for Virginia Tribes Passes U.S. House
Perriello Bill to Have National Park Service Run D-Day Memorial
Perriello Promotes Tax Break for Homebuyers
Kaine Talks High Speed Rail with Biden
Warner Blasts GOP Ticket as the “No Camp”
McAuliffe Campaigns at GM Plant That is Closing
Deeds Airs Ads in NOVA
Does Deeds Have Momentum?
Deeds Hopes He’s a Hit at Harbor Parkr
Third [...]

Kaine Rallies Florida Dems
Moran Wins Fairfax Straw Poll
Deeds Picks Up More Newspaper Support
Candidates Eye Campaign’s Final Week
McDonnell’s Campign Manager’s Past Links with Faith and Family Allicance Raise Questions
Wagner and Signer Run for Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nod
Report Shows Record and More Diverse Public School Enrollment
Pressure May Increase to Develop Regulations for Using Restraints in Public Schools
Seeking [...]

Warner’s Firsthand Look at War
Gubernatorial Campaigns Cope with Voters Who Aren’t Fired Up
At the Virginia Beach Pie Eating Contest
Downticket Democrats Fight for Attention
GOP Establishment Endorses Mullins for Party Chair
Stimulus Helps Ease Virginia Community College Tuition Increase
Virginia Board of Ed Wants Public Comment on Funding Formula for School Support Staff
Rockingham Schools Seek Funding for Property Purchase
Bristol [...]

1. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
That’s what Eric Cantor must be thinking this week.  He formed the Council for a New America as a well intentioned effort to help rebrand the Republcian Party and enable it to shed its image as the “Party of No.”  Two weeks into the effort Cantor may be wondering why [...]

Webb Goes on Road for Prison Reform
Smaller Turnout for Shad Planking
Hot Air and Cold Rain at Shad Planking
McAuliffe Won’t Take Dominion’s Corporate Support
Clinton and Friends Pony Up for McAuliffe
McDonnell Targeted in Online Ads
Kilgore Endorses Brownlee for AG and Will Serve as Campaign Manager
Wagner Tops Bolling in 1st Quarter Fundraising, Bolling Has More Cash on Hand
Signer [...]

Has been flying under the radar screen. 
Downticket races rarely get much attention and, with the Democrats having their first gubernatorial primary in a generation, this is the certainly the case this year.
Jody Wagner enters the contest a strong favorite for the nomination. Wagner has experience in a significant Cabinet post as Secretary of Finance.  She [...]