Cantor Blasts Gingrich for “Misspeak”
Kaine Hits Allen on Debt Ceiling
Kaine, Warner Rally Faithful
Virginia Will Appeal FEMA Denial
Griffith on FEMA Appeal
Hurt on FEMA Appeal
Blackburn Suit Against ODU Claims Wrongful Firing
International Paper to Repurpose Franklin Mill
Hurt Pushes Domestic Oil Exploration
Rigell Stands By GOP Budget Plan
Claudia Tucker Announces State Senate Bid
Cuccinelli Hires Dating Columnist
Beach Councilman Says Refund $800K [...]

Poll Shows Allen with 13 Point Lead
Allen Challenges Kaine on Offshore Drilling
Super PAC to Take Aim at Kaine
Senate Passes Its Redistricting Plan
Senate Okays Plan that Ends Smith Seat
Senate Dems Plan Splits Lynchburg
Bolling Says McDonnell Should Reject Maps without Bipartisan Support
Senate, House Likely to Propose Different Congressional Maps
Debate Intensifies Over Gay Adoption Rules
Stewart Plans Media Blitz [...]

Obama Pushes Kaine Toward Senate Bid
Wilder on Obama’s Libya Speech
McDonnell Will Try to Amend Autism Bill
McDonnell’s Effort to Weaken Autism Bill Challenged
Senate Dems Remap Puts 4 Republicans in Two Districts
Redistricting Could Weaken Hampton Roads
Redistricting Proposal Throws Lawmakers Together
Cuccinelli Says Environmental Regs Must Consider Economy
Athey to Retire from House
Kilgore Closely Reviewing Appalachian Power Case
GOP Wants Drilling [...]

1. Man Bites Dog or Ken Cuccinelli
Praises the EPA.  It’s true. Virginia’s AG sent out a press release this week lauding the EPA for fining a homebuilder $925,000 for clean water violations. But don’t expect the sweet nothings to continue.  The EPA’s at the heart of  Cuccinelli’s concerns about federal overreach. In addition, the agency’s regulatory [...]

U.S. Won’t Pursue Drilling in Virginia
Feds Say No Drilling for7 Years
McDonnell Slams Obama
Warner Opposes Obama Drilling Ban
Warner Calls Debt Reductions Proposals Solid
White House Nominates Urbanski for Judgeship
Farm Bureau Honors Goodlatte
Haymore Talks Local Agriculture in Danville Visit
Griffith Hires First Staffers
U.S. Freeze, Virginia Bonuses Differ McDonnell Says
McDonnell’s Reform Commission Recommends 133 Proposals
Local Governments to See Less from [...]

McDonnell Advisor Calls House Leaders Spineless on Liquor Privatization, Hugo Emails Response
McDonnell Backs All of the Above Strategy on Energy
McDonnell Renews Call for Offshore Drilling
State Tax Collections Rose, Total Growth Below Forecast
McDonnell Has No Plans to Run for President in 2012
Cuccinelli To Investigate Mortgage Foreclosures
Cuccinelli Defends Positions at UVA
Hurt, Perriello Stake Out Positions in First [...]

McDonnell Asks Napolitano to Let State Troopers Act as Immigration Agents
Congress to Scrutinize Rationale for Military Contracting Cuts
Congressmen Arrange Summit to Discuss JFCOM Closure
Virginia Schools Dcline in No Child Left Behind
Half of S. Hampton Roads Schools Miss Federal Targets
Less than Half of Roanoke Schools Make Federal Testing Benchmark
C’ville/Albemarle School Divisions Fail to Make AYP
Albemarle Board [...]

Virginia NAACP Head Slams Webb Column
115 Ideas from Governor’s Economic Development Commission
McDonnell to Speak to U.S. House Republican Caucus
Lawmakers Worry about Losing ABC Profits
Federal Regulators Say Areva’s Mt. Athos Road Facility Safe
 Bolling to Mississippi for Oil Spill Briefing, National Meeting
Cuccinelli Headlines Murray Fundraiser
State Audit Calls for Better Cell Phone Contracts
Bill Would Try to Curb Wrongful [...]

Uninsured Virginians May Lose Free Dental Care
Dems Party At the Homestead
Some Electoral Board Members Forgo Homesetad Trip
Cantor Says Steele Must Keep Focus
Rocovich Steps Down From Board that Recommends Board Appointments
Webb Says Oil Wells Must Be Safe From Terrorist Attack
“Move Over” Law Expanded to Include Tow Truck Drivers
Localities Raise Taxes, Reduce Services
Norfolk Losing Millions on Unpaid [...]

New Laws
New Traffic Safety Laws
Concealed Weapons Measure Goes into Effect Today
Cuccinelli Health Care Suit in Court Thursday
Localities Want Authority Over Liquor Store Locations if State Privatizes ABC
Environmental Groups Ask Obama to Permanently Halt Offshore Drilling
Fairfax CountyPopulation Shifts to Alter Voting Districts
Griffith Challenges Boucher to More Debates
Fimian Advances in GOP Candidate Program
Perriello Hits Air Waves with [...]