Marshall Takes Flag Flap to Bernake
Warner Disappointed that Talks Unraveled
McDonnell Asks SBA for Tornado Aid
Did McDonnell Tip Liberals to Koch Confab
Houck Running
Donors Provided $24,000 for Hamilton Defense
Goochland Treasurer Losses at $230,000
Falwell Appointed to Manufacturing Development Board
“Reasonable Assurance” for Bypass Funding

Cantor Memo Reveals GOP Summer Plan
Warner Fights for U.S. Jobs
McDonnell Criticizes Napolitano for Ignoring Request
Goode for President?
McDougle Running
Allen Backs Tito the Builder Over Frederick
Hamilton Relying on Donations to Pay Legal Bills
Griffith Says Regulating Suspected Cancer Causing Chemicals Could Cost District 1000 Jobs
Cattle Farmer to Seek GOP Nomination Against Goodlatte
Richmond Builder Picked for Jail Wants Job [...]

Cantor Blasts Gingrich for “Misspeak”
Kaine Hits Allen on Debt Ceiling
Kaine, Warner Rally Faithful
Virginia Will Appeal FEMA Denial
Griffith on FEMA Appeal
Hurt on FEMA Appeal
Blackburn Suit Against ODU Claims Wrongful Firing
International Paper to Repurpose Franklin Mill
Hurt Pushes Domestic Oil Exploration
Rigell Stands By GOP Budget Plan
Claudia Tucker Announces State Senate Bid
Cuccinelli Hires Dating Columnist
Beach Councilman Says Refund $800K [...]

1. McDonnell Rises in the Veepstakes
A Washington Post poll this week showed Bob McDonnell with a 62% approval rating.
The internal numbers are even more interesting.
The poll indicated that McDonnell’s popularity extends far beyond Republicans in Virginia. His job approval rating with independents remains high and even Democrats, by a 50%-45% margin approve of his performance.
The [...]

Assembly Returns June 9 for Congressional Map
McDonnell Phones Home From China
McDonnell: Hamilton’s the Kind of Conduct We Cannot Ever Accept
Ethics Rules Questioned in Wake of Hamilton Prosecution
Bolling Welcomes New Citizens
Bolling At Danville Boys and Girls Club
Hurt Addresses PVCC Graduates
Frederick to Run for Puller Seat?
Hampton Roads, Richmond Score Poorly in Public Transit Access
Richmond Council Backs Salary [...]

Hamilton Found Guilty of Bribery and Extortion
Howell “Saddened” by Hamilton Conviction
Kaine Calls on Republicans to End Big Oil Subsidies
Warner, Coburn Introduce Bill to $5 Billion
New Poll Gives Kaine “Slight” Edge
Does “Macaca” Still Matter
House Panel Rejects Funding for Moving Norfolk Carrier to Florida
McDonnell Opens Trade Office in Shanghai
Virginia Sells Itself in Chinese and Korean
State Senate Map [...]

Cuccinelli Sends Redistricting Map to Both Justice Department and Court for Review
Hamilton Under Fire for Alleged Deception in ODU Bribery Case
Feds Say Evidence Against Hamilton “Reeks”
Federal Court Hears Two Health Care Appeals
Virginia Officials Make Case Against Obama Health Care Law
Health Care Law Gets Friendly Reception from Appeals Court Panel
Poll Puts McDonnell on Top Among Virginia [...]

Obama’s Virginia Challenge
Obama Gets Virginia Bump from Raid
Griffith’s Staff Joins FEMA Protest Demonstration
Griffith Blames Obama Administration for Lack of FEMA Funds
Hamilton Says He Did Not Trade Influence for a Job
Louisa Prosecutor Seeks New State Senate Seat
Post Poll Finds Virginians Almost Evenly Split on Gay Marriage
Poll Finds Virginians Optimistic about State Direction
Warner to Help Kaine Raise [...]

Kaine-Allen Tied
Hamilton’s Defense
Griffith’s 100 Days
SWVA Officials Disappointed By FEMA Rejection
Virginia Challenges U.S. on Health Law
Campaign Loans on Easy Terms
Norfolk to Consider Taking Over Community Services Board
VMI Up by 6%
Asbestos Claim at Surry Plant Investigated

Runte Denies Involvement in Hamilton Hire
McDonnell Signs Autism Insurance Bill
McDonnell Departs for 11 Day Trip to Asia
Connolly, McDonnell Urge Approval of Free Trade Agreement with Korea
Rigell Bill Would Halt Spending on Libyan Fighting
Forbes Takes Gates to Task on China
NSU Raises Tuition 6.25%
UMW Approves 8.8% Tiution Increase
Redistricting Discussion Comes to Rockingham
UVA Law Student Says he Made [...]