News reports a few weeks ago noted that Speaker Bill Howell had personally muscled a bill through the House Commerce and Labor Committee (to the point of removing Democrats prior to the session from the committee who had previously voted against the proposed legislation) and then lobbied GOP House members  individually to approve the item limiting [...]

Experience a root canal without the cost. Spend an afternoon with the Virginia Register of Regulations ( 
How many pages of regulations do you think it takes to govern a “business-friendly” state like Virginia?  A thousand?  Two thousand?  Three?  Four?
Close to five. 
Nearly five thousand pages. 
(I checked the Bible this morning.  That gang of regulators covers a [...]

Virginia is now facing the greatest challenges in our modern history, given the radical changes taking place in the economy at home and abroad that require bold, creative new thinking in our state government to find meaningful, sustainable solutions which the state has been unable to do during the last 40 years of rapid growth.
Major [...]

Deeds Open To Tax Increases for Transportation
Deeds Dodges Calls for Taxes on Roads, Favors Repealing One Gun a Month
Deeds Campaign Says Abbey Still on Top
McDonnell Unveils Public Safety Proposals
McDonnell Proposes Drug Courts
McDonnell Donates $300K to State GOP
McDonnell Continues to Lead Deeds in Surveys
Campaigns Address Confederate Flag
Terrorism Trials Could Be in Newport News
Norfolk School Board Selects [...]

If there is any single policy decision that illustrates the difference between those biased towards government and those towards the private sector, it is the President’s proposal to decrease the amount of the charitable tax deduction available to the “wealthy” when they donate to private charities.
 Money here is fungible.  Somebody gets it and somebody doesn’t.  [...]

GOP Rift Over Howell Worsens
Virginia Senate Adds Stimulus Money to Budget Plans
House-Senate Budgets Go to Conference Negotiators
McDonnell Announces That Settlement Money from Pharmacy Benefits Management Companies Will Fund Grant to Treat People with Mental Illness
Assembly Raises Tax on Hotel Movies to Help Bring More Film Production to the State
Prayer Bill Roils Richmond
Gilbert Amendment Limiting Growth [...]

If  you thought that the continuing back and forth between Governor Kaine and House Republicans is the only struggle going on between the branches of government in Virginia, think again. 
The growing and varied efforts by members of the General Assembly to temper the power of the Supreme Court and to assert its own authority may be [...]

House, Senate Release Budget Plans
Virginia House and Senate Set for Clash on Budget
Marsh Bill Would Allow Virginia to Apply Death Penalty to Delayed Fatalities
The Cost of Cigarettes in Dollars and Lives
Bobby Scott’s School Safety Bill Unanimously Passed by the House of Representatives
Proposal for Later Fairfax Schools’ Start-Time Prompts Debate
Bulova Brings Soft-Spoken,Pragmatic, Listening Style To Fairfax [...]

Kaine and Howell Offer Compromise Smoking Ban,  Stakes Are High as Opposition to Plan Builds From Both Sides
Uncertainties Could Delay Passage of Virginia Budget
Kaine Warns Local Officials That the Worst Is Still Ahead
Police Argue Against Cuts to Law Enforcement Funds
Legislators Look to Cut Off Regional Jail Funds and Develop More Efficient Funding Mechanisms
Fralin Bill Passes [...]

Virginia Parties Invest in Fairfax Board Race
Hamilton and Locke Propose Support for Upgrades at Newport News Shipyards and up to $50 MIllion in Tax Incentives for Northrop Grumman
National Debate Over Autism Coverage and Costs Arrives at the General Assembly
Obenshain Bill Would Prevent State Dollars Going to Organizations that Counsel About or Perform Abortions
Hanger Bill Would Allow [...]