Webb, Warner Try to Block Mayport Carrier Move
Virginia Beach Hoteliers Want Video Poker
Vick Endorses Anti-Dog Fighting Legislation
Virginia has $311M Surplus, But Bond Rating on Watch List
McDonnell Furious
Kaine, Warner Disappointed
Part of Surplus to Aid Tornado Victims
Warner’s Gang of Six Back from the Brink
Hirschbiel Weighs Bid
Roanoke Tea Party Endorses Godsey Over Nutter
Entire Ct. of Appeals to Hear [...]

Gang of Six Makes Last Ditch Effort
Boehner, Cantor Back at Table with Obama
Surplus $311M
McDonnell Has Twice the Cash Kaine Did at Mid-Point
McDonnell Puts Money Behind Nutter, Stanley
GOP Holds Massive Fundraising Advantage
Republicans Raking in Cash
Race for Cash in Senate
Warner Endorses Dodson
Hirschbiel Seeks Rigell’s Seat
Connolly Has Biggest Bankroll Among Targeted Lawmakers
Carrico Backs Griffith on Light Bulb Vote
Congressional [...]

“Eric, Don’t Call My Bluff”
Cantor-Obama Blow Up
McConnell, Cantor Clash Over Debt Limit Plan
Debt Ceiling Ideas Differ
Kaine Calls on Allen to Support Business Leaders’ Call for Debt Ceiling Hike
Kaine Predicts He’ll Need to Raise $15 Million
Allen Posts $1.1M But Trails Kaine
Griffith Wants More Spending Cuts in Budget Deal
Rigell, Other First Termers Ask Senate to Delay Recess
Connolly [...]

Obama’s Virginia Challenge
Obama Gets Virginia Bump from Raid
Griffith’s Staff Joins FEMA Protest Demonstration
Griffith Blames Obama Administration for Lack of FEMA Funds
Hamilton Says He Did Not Trade Influence for a Job
Louisa Prosecutor Seeks New State Senate Seat
Post Poll Finds Virginians Almost Evenly Split on Gay Marriage
Poll Finds Virginians Optimistic about State Direction
Warner to Help Kaine Raise [...]

Witness Says ODU Official Claimed to Lead Hamilton’s Center
Spielberg Will Film Lincoln in Richmond, Petersburg
Cantor Says He’s Still with Ryan on Medicare
Kaine Heading to Hollywood?
Allen Being Tracked by Alan
Forbes Removes $30M for Mayport Carrier Move
Harvey Morgan to Retire from House
Environmentalists Worry as Allies Retire From Assembly
Republicans Keep Pressing for Soering Documents
Virginia to File Complaint in [...]

Catching Up with Tim Kaine
Janis, Edwards Bills Would Redraw Court Districts
Virginia Hands Out Millions to Big Business
Abortion Opponents Split on Next Move
Making Room for Virginia’s Brightest in Its Best Schools
Lawmakers Aim at Scrapyards to Control Metal Thieves
Oyster Legislation Creating Waves
Tea Party Activist Light Announces Plan to Run Against Puckett
Redrawing of 5th District Promises Political Drama 
Hamilton [...]

Giles County School Board Votes to Rehang Ten Commandments in Schools
McDonnell’s Fundraising Shrinks Dems Edge
Democrat  Files Bill on McDonnell’s ABC Plan to Get Republicans on Record
Locke Says Repeal Amendment Sounds Like 1861
House Panel Says No to More Restrictions on Driving
Senate Advances Car Title Lending Bill
Bill to Tighten Rules for Abortion Clinics Advances
House Moves to Rescind [...]

McDonnell, Legislators o Meet with Bond Rating Agencies
Phil Cox to Be RGA Executive Director
GOP Outraises Dems in Specials
Republicans Line Up for Gear’s Seat
Scramble for Campaign Cash as Session Begins
Richmond Area Legislators’ Wish List
Cline Says Retirement System Needs Reform 
Edwards Says Bus Service Bringing Roanoke Riders to Lynchburg Train Possible
State Budget Hearings, Tea Party Town Halls Scheduled
State [...]

Poker at Falls Church High Stirs Debate
$37,000 Hole in Hamilton’s Campaign Account
Mumpower to Focus on Economy, Jobs
Tea Party Works to Gain Influence
State Workers Pay Lags Privates
State’s Poor Getting Poorer
State Ed Standards Open Doors for Niche Publishers
Report Says Pollution Causing the Bay Millions
Ag Secretary Haymore a Rising Star
Maggie Walker School Gets Reproductions of Key Documents

Cantor Takes Aim at Obama Initiatives
Cantor Lays Out 22 Page Game Plan
Cantor Wants Cuts Everywhere
Cantor Making Calls to Every GOP Lawmaker
Rigell Says to Reform Congress, Starting with Members’ Perks
Analysis Reveals Griffith Cap and Trade Strategy Worked
Anatomy of Griffith Upset
Did Democrats Go Fishing in the 9th
Griffith Says Tazewell Was Key Breakthrough
Hurt Begins Transition, Family to Stay [...]