Kaine-Allen Neck and Neck
McDonnell Will Renew Push for ABC Privatization
New Laws Taking Effect
Armstrong Targeted
Hangar May Seek Legislative Remedy for School of Deaf and Blind
Saslaw Declines Helicopter Ride to Uranium Site
McDonnell Announces Tornado Recovery Loans, But Not for Hampton Roads
Justice Approves Loudoun Redistricting
Judge Tosses Discrimination Verdict Won By Tech Women
Dever Named TNCC President
Connie Brennan to Seek [...]

Report Says Tuition Soaring at 2 Yr. Colleges
Fort Monroe Gets Push as National Park
Poll Finds Virginians Still Against Same Sex Marriage
McDonnell Gets Solid Approval Ratings
Democratic Group Launches Ad Attacking Virginia Republicans
Saslaw, Armstrong Urge Allen to Take Stand on Ryan Plan
Allen Offers Cautious Praise for Ryan Plan
Bolling, Cuccinelli Call on Kaine to Take Stand on Labor [...]

Cantor Says GOP Pressed Obama to Stop Demagoguery
Cantor Asks Obama to Keep Tax Hikes Out of Debt Talks
Virginia Dems Supported Clean Debt Ceiling Hike
McDonnell Announces Incentive to Save State Funds
Kaine to Headline Chesterfield Dems Event
Armstrong Appears Set to Take on Poindexter
Marsh to Run, Morrissey Mum on Possible Challenge
Cox Running
Reynold to Leave Administration
Dodson Running
Dems Think Dodson [...]

1. McDonnell Rises in the Veepstakes
A Washington Post poll this week showed Bob McDonnell with a 62% approval rating.
The internal numbers are even more interesting.
The poll indicated that McDonnell’s popularity extends far beyond Republicans in Virginia. His job approval rating with independents remains high and even Democrats, by a 50%-45% margin approve of his performance.
The [...]

Hamilton Found Guilty of Bribery and Extortion
Howell “Saddened” by Hamilton Conviction
Kaine Calls on Republicans to End Big Oil Subsidies
Warner, Coburn Introduce Bill to $5 Billion
New Poll Gives Kaine “Slight” Edge
Does “Macaca” Still Matter
House Panel Rejects Funding for Moving Norfolk Carrier to Florida
McDonnell Opens Trade Office in Shanghai
Virginia Sells Itself in Chinese and Korean
State Senate Map [...]

Cuccinelli Sends Redistricting Map to Both Justice Department and Court for Review
Hamilton Under Fire for Alleged Deception in ODU Bribery Case
Feds Say Evidence Against Hamilton “Reeks”
Federal Court Hears Two Health Care Appeals
Virginia Officials Make Case Against Obama Health Care Law
Health Care Law Gets Friendly Reception from Appeals Court Panel
Poll Puts McDonnell on Top Among Virginia [...]

Obama’s Virginia Challenge
Obama Gets Virginia Bump from Raid
Griffith’s Staff Joins FEMA Protest Demonstration
Griffith Blames Obama Administration for Lack of FEMA Funds
Hamilton Says He Did Not Trade Influence for a Job
Louisa Prosecutor Seeks New State Senate Seat
Post Poll Finds Virginians Almost Evenly Split on Gay Marriage
Poll Finds Virginians Optimistic about State Direction
Warner to Help Kaine Raise [...]

Kaine Has No Regrets in Soering Case
Hamilton Plans to Testify
VPAP Tools Aid Understanding of New Districts
Automatic White Pages Delivery to End
House Passes Bill to Jump Start Drilling off Virginia
House Panel Okays Budget without $30M for Mayport Carrier Move
Warner Offers Way on His Web Site to Thank Navy Seals
Webb Favors Cost of Living Adjustment for Vets
Griffith [...]

1. The Player of the Week is
Tim Kaine who made it official that he’s in the 2012┬áSenate race. Kaine’s video announcement focused on his accomplishments in Virginia and deliberately avoided emphasizing his role at the DNC and his relationship with President Obama. Yet Virginia politics has become so tied to the national scene recently that [...]

Poll Shows Allen with 13 Point Lead
Allen Challenges Kaine on Offshore Drilling
Super PAC to Take Aim at Kaine
Senate Passes Its Redistricting Plan
Senate Okays Plan that Ends Smith Seat
Senate Dems Plan Splits Lynchburg
Bolling Says McDonnell Should Reject Maps without Bipartisan Support
Senate, House Likely to Propose Different Congressional Maps
Debate Intensifies Over Gay Adoption Rules
Stewart Plans Media Blitz [...]