Conferees Agree on Broad Budget Outline
Marshall Weighs Senate Run
2nd Virginia School in 10 Commandment Flap
McDonnell Talks Up His Support of Wisconsin Governor
Legislators Foresee Overtime
Hotel Taxes Approved-Except in Arlington
Abortion Law Passed But Many Questions Remain
Protestors Target New Abortion Clinic Regulations
Synthetic Pot Bill Nears Approval
Lawmakers Say Court Vacancies Won’t Be Filled
Whipple Retires
Pollard Won’t Seek Re-election to House
Wampler [...]

Catching Up with Tim Kaine
Janis, Edwards Bills Would Redraw Court Districts
Virginia Hands Out Millions to Big Business
Abortion Opponents Split on Next Move
Making Room for Virginia’s Brightest in Its Best Schools
Lawmakers Aim at Scrapyards to Control Metal Thieves
Oyster Legislation Creating Waves
Tea Party Activist Light Announces Plan to Run Against Puckett
Redrawing of 5th District Promises Political Drama 
Hamilton [...]

McDonnell to Unveil New ABC Plans
Retooled Plan to Bring Upfront Cash
How Will Democrats React to McDonnell’s Ambitious Agenda
McDonnell Will Back More Abortion Clinic Regulations
Some Sit Out Anti-Abortion Rally to Avoid Confronting McDonnell
McDonnell Says He Can’t Back Marshall’s Virginia Currency Bill
McDonnell Approval 51%, Obama 44%
State GOP Rolls Out Unified Agenda
Stanley Wins
Habeeb Wins
Plenty on Their Plate
Lawmakers Ponder [...]

Gillespie Hurls Charges at Obama
Ohio GOP Candidate Defends Nazi Reenactments that Cantor Criticized
Perriello Says Hurt Avoids Tough Stances
Police Groups and Anti-Abortion Group Endorse Griffith
Boucher, the 9th and the WSJ
Ball Responds, Hillary in Mind
Marshall Backed Ron Paul for President
Stewart Asks Tea Party to Support Immigration Bill
Sierra Club Says Virginia Falling Behind on Renewable Energy
Group Promotes Wind [...]

Nye Says Navy To Keep Carrier Here Until At Least 2019
McDonnell Claims Success But Lawmakers Reject 14 Budget Amendments
Legislature Votes to Restrict Abortion Funding
House Preserves Funding for Public Radio, Child Services
GOP Led House Kills McDonnell Amendment on Euthanizing Dogs
McDonnell Signs Law for Matched Battlefield Grants
Former McDonnell Brother-in-Law Speaks at Gay Rights Rally
Cuccinelli Issues Rare Praise [...]

House Tentatively Approves Ban on Governor Serving as National Party Chair
Senate Panel Defeats Death Penalty Expansion
House Gives Preliminary Approval to Repealing One Gun a Month
Lawmakers Aim to Loosen Firearms Restrictions
Senate Passes Increase in Court Fees
Car Title Lending Regulations Pass Senate Committees
Senate Panel Passes Autism Treatment Coverage Mandate
House Bill on Photo ID for Voting Pulled
House Bill [...]

Be opening this January in Virginia?
I spoke to Gene Trani today and he pointed me to a fascinating debate that has been taking place in Nebraska.
Last week, the Board of Regents at the University of Nebraska defeated an effort to apply the Bush administrations limitations on embryonic stem cell research  (to existing lines only) to the university [...]