Jim Bacon (if you’re reading this and live in Virginia, you know who Jim Bacon is) sent me a copy of his Boomergeddon, maybe a year ago.  I loaned it out two or three times before I read it myself, something I frequently do with new books, got it back, and read it a second [...]

To: Robley Jones, Mary Jo Fields, Michael Edwards, friends all
From: B.K. Day
Re: Local Education Funding
I enjyed your recent repartee here on local education funding. Count me blissfully ignorant, I suppose, but I am not so stirred up about who pays what, as I am about what we get for the money. Are we getting [...]

The recent presidential election and inauguration prompted everyone from political pundits to former plumbers to offer their assessment of our nation’s presidents - past, present and future. As an historian of U.S. presidents, I find it hard to resist the temptation to join in the flurry of presidential assessing that has been taking place, especially [...]

Every now and then a book comes along that captures the political moment in an especially compelling way. It manages to crystallize what many of us are thinking but can’t quite articulate. And it does so with a precision of language, quality of thought, and clarity of perception that  keeps us nodding our heads in agreement [...]

News about the economy in 2009 has been unrelentingly depressing.  All the arrows are pointing in the wrong direction- job losses up, consumer confidence down, 401K’s shot. In the last few months, a kind of gallows humor has taken hold as a survival tactic to keep people from thinking about how quickly things seem to have [...]