Discount Bus Lines Poor Record
Waiting for Promise of High Speed Rail
Obenshain Running
Fire, Police Chiefs Salaries Top Governors’
D-Day Memorial Marks Decade Amid Challenges Ahead
Rally to Oust Franklin County Sheriff Becomes Political Event
Craig County May Have to Repay Millions in Social Service Funds
Albemarle Supervisors Encouraged to Consider Increased Funding for Capital Needs
Orange Weighs August Classes

Lawmakers Pay Tribute to Larry Dillard
Kaine-Allen Called a National Bellwether
Griffith Learning to “Use Bills the DC Way”
Politifact: GOP Claim about Kaine
Bridge-Tunnel Proposals Set Aside for More Study
Unused VDOT Project Funds at $3.5M
Melvin to Interview for Judgeship
Social Services Adoption Decision
Virginia 6th Lowest Tax Rate for Expanding Businesses
State Backs Eastern Shore Hospital Move- with Conditions
Transportation Plan Allots [...]

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Hamilton Charges
McDonnell Civil War Proclamation Condemns Slavery
Mixed Results for McDonnell in Veto Session
Lawmakers Okay Abortion Coverage Limits
Senate Sustains McDonnell’s PE Bill Veto
McDonnell Gets Long Sought Seat on Metro Board
Assembly Overrides Medical Malpractice Veto
Senate Rejects McDonnell Bill to Cut PBS Funds
UVA Gets $2.7M for Rotunda Repairs
Virginia Not Applying for High Speed Rail [...]

Cantor Says GOP Will Defund Health Care Law
Bolling Breaks Ties
Assembly Hands McDonnell Defeat on ABC Privatization
Kimball Payne’s Assembly Roundup
Eminent Domain Restrictions Pass in House, Fail in Senate
Senate Passes Bills to Crack Down on Texting While Driving
Senate Backs Autism Treatment Coverage
Senate Okays Bills Requiring Contractors to Verify Work Status
Senate Bill Banning Drinking While Carrying Firearms Advances
Senate [...]

1. Whiskey Before Breakfast
That’s the song all the proponents of ABC privatization are singing this week. They must feel like taking a good stiff shot after the administration’s latest proposal couldn’t even get a hearing inside the Assembly.
It’s a case study in how difficult it is to reshape government to focus only on “core services.”
No one [...]

House Committee Won’t Consider ABC Privatization
Assembly Splits on Giving State Workers 401K Option
Jones Ends Push to Replace Pensions with 401K Style Plan
Virginia Senate Panel Rejects Triggerman Bill
Senate Approves Protections for Gay Workers, House Remains Opposed
Senate Panel Approves Smith Bill to Post Budget Bill Online
Both Chambers Okay Inmates Working at Rest Stops
Protective Order Expansion Bill Advances [...]

Key Democratic Panel Approves McDonnell Transportation Plan
McDonnell Roads Plan Advances But Hampton Roads Takes a Hit
Senate Finance Spurns General Funds Money for Roads
McDonnell Says Virginia Prepared to Protect Coal
Senate Panel Rejects Repeal Bill
Senate to Take Harder Line on Tax Credit Proposals
Leesburg Utility Proposal Dies in Senate Panel
Senate Passes Bill Allowing Air Guns at Home
Marshall Bill [...]

Radtke  to Run for Senate
Reaction to Radtke Rollout
McDonnell Pitches Debt for Roads
Politico Says Griffith Among Those to Watch on Energy Issues
Review Finds Some History Texts Filled with Errors
Fairfax Schools Chief Seeks Raises for Employees, Supervisors Critical
Is Cantor “Friends with Birther?
ODU Researcher Says to Speed Up Foreclosures to Stabilize Market
Bay Improving But Still Critical
Cyclists Who Commute [...]