The prospect of Ken Cuccinelli’s election on Tuesday.
The reality that Cuccinelli could win and, if the polls are correct, win big has just begin to set in.
And it is not sitting well with Democrats and their supporters.
Think about it.
The state that supported Obama with 52% could turn around twelve months later and elect Cuccinelli with [...]

Candidates Gather Force in March to Election Day
Obama Sends Letter for Deeds
Immigrants Urged to Back Deeds
GOP Ticket Rallies in Danville
The Donald Donates to McDonnell
McDonnell Gets Washington Board of Trade Endorsement
Shannon Highlights Endorsements in New Ad
Virginia Investigates Legality of Access to Voter List
State Looks Into Missed Absentee Ballot Deadlines
Trible Says He Made Mistake in Using CNU [...]

Nonprofit Halts Planned Mailing of Voting History
Shaming GOTV Project Cancelled
Romney, Giuliani Stump for GOP Ticket
Deeds, McDonnell Have Similar Blueprints for State Economy
Democratic Strategist Says Deeds Victory Still Possible
Deeds Makes the Rounds in NOVA
Deeds Airs Closing Argument
Deeds Makes Stop in Charlottesville
McDonnell Critics Question Ideology
Shannon Criticizes Cuccinelli Remark on Gays
Log Cabin Republicans Praise McDonnell, Slam Cuccinelli
Wagner and [...]

Your Voting History Could End Up In Your Neighbors’ Mailboxes
Deeds Reaches for Obama Energy
Obama Urges Virginia Supporters to Back Deeds
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Deeds’ Downballot Drag?
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VPAP Numbers
Funds Still Pouring in to Statewide Candidates
Diradour Drops Bid to Challenge Cantor
Valentine, Garrett Rack Up Campaign Contributions
Danny Marshall Maintains 2-1 Cash Lead over Seward Anderson
Neff Mailing Compares [...]

That what’s Public Policy Polling and Survey USA are now forecasting.
Pick your poison.
The Post had Deeds down by 11 this morning.
It’s worse in Public Policy Polling and Survey USA.
SUSA has him down by 17 and PPP by 15.
The entire tickets is down double digits in the latter two polls.
If the polls results are anywhere near [...]

Warner Says He’ll Ask paper Company to Reconsider Closing of Mill
Politics in Deeds’ Blood
Virginia Candidates Woo Black Voters
Deeds Makes Pitch at 11 Hampton Roads Churches
Crucial Last Dash for Deeds Backers
Deeds: I’m Not Out of Governor’s Race
Kaine Rallies Troops
Newspaper Endorsements
Fact Checker: Deeds and Taxes
AG Candidates Have Similar Stories Different Views
Lawmakers Pay from State Exempt from Disclosure
Cleaveland-Mason [...]

1. Everyone’s a Pundit
Sabato and Holsworth must have a great gig. Everyone wants in. This week the Obama White House anonymously offered their analysis of the upcoming Virginia Governor’s race in a front page story in The Washington Post. Remarkably, the White House offered a pre-mortem on the Democratic candidate, observing that Deeds refused to [...]

Virginia GOP Makes Timely Changes
Criticism by Obama Aides Exasperates Virginia Dems
Deeds, McDonnell Sound Similar Education Themes But Need Money
Deeds Urges Aid for Paper Mill Workers
McDonnell Greets Voters, Rolls Waffle Cones at Doumars
NAACP Berates Shannon, Bolling
RNC Sends Money to Downticket Candidates
Anne Holton Gets Out the Vote in Alexandria with a Dozen Democratic Activists
Kaine’s Decision for Mill [...]

A day that started with The Washington Post quoting White House officials giving their pre-mortem on the Deeds campaign prior to a single vote being cast ended with another highly unusual moment at the NAACP Forum in Richmond.
The evening began in relatively straightforward fashion with both gubernatorial candidates on their game.
Bob McDonnell went first. The GOP candidate answered [...]

White House Says Deeds Ignored Advice
Newsweek Hits Kaine Performance as DNC Chair
Deeds Woos Peninsula Voters During Hampton Visit
Fomer GOP Lawmakers Rally with Deeds in Winchester
McDonnell Talks Health Care on FOX News
McDonnell Says He Will Not Raise Taxes
GOP Launches New Ad on Deeds’ Comments on Public Option
GOP All-Stars To Campaign with McDonnell
McDonnell on Black Radio
Black Turnout [...]