Cantor Says GOP Will Defund Health Care Law
Bolling Breaks Ties
Assembly Hands McDonnell Defeat on ABC Privatization
Kimball Payne’s Assembly Roundup
Eminent Domain Restrictions Pass in House, Fail in Senate
Senate Passes Bills to Crack Down on Texting While Driving
Senate Backs Autism Treatment Coverage
Senate Okays Bills Requiring Contractors to Verify Work Status
Senate Bill Banning Drinking While Carrying Firearms Advances
Senate [...]

1. Whiskey Before Breakfast
That’s the song all the proponents of ABC privatization are singing this week. They must feel like taking a good stiff shot after the administration’s latest proposal couldn’t even get a hearing inside the Assembly.
It’s a case study in how difficult it is to reshape government to focus only on “core services.”
No one [...]

Obama, GOP Optimistic After Meeting
LU’s Challenge of Federal Health Care Law Dismissed
LU to Appeal
Warner, Webb Split on Earmarks
Warner, Webb Weigh in On Lightly Used Newport News Courthouse
Webb Applauds Trade Commission Ruling on Chinese Furniture
Webb Calls for End to Ethanol Subsidies
Perriello Praises Passage of Bill to Settle Black Farmers’ Claims
McDonnell Says Seatbelt Law Working Well
McDonnell Defends [...]

GOP Approves Primary for Senate
McDonnell Says Role with RGA Will Benefit Virginia
Bolling’s Job Grows to Include Growing Jobs
Tobacco Panel Lax in Oversight of Forbes Grant
Forbes to be Sentenced Tomorrow
Tea Party Focuses on Sustained Presence
Nye Harbors No Regrets
Lawmakers Redraw Battle Lines
Canvass Turnout May Be Sparse
Brooks Enters Crowded GOP Race
Maxwell Remembered
Port of Richmond Draft Accord is Issue
8 [...]

Will Spielberg Film Lincoln Movie in Virginia
Webb, Warner Tell Navy to Upgrade Shipyards Before Upgrading Mayport
Dems Hit Gov on Travel, McDonnell Hits Back
Lawmakers to Meet on Proposed Bay “Pollution” Diet
Last Chance for Environment Bills
Massey Energy Considering Takeover Bids
Roanoke Turns Over New Leaf with Paper Bags
Hurt Draws Office “Nobody Wanted”
Democrat Mumpower Enters Race to Succeed Griffith
Mizusawa [...]

Bolling Balks at Cuccinelli’s Proposed GOP Rules
Scott Says Rangel Sloppy Not Corrupt
Scott’s Dissent on Rangel
McDonnell Requests Monthly Calls with Legislators
Cuccinelli Talks Politics with Conservatives
Dems Criticize Cuccinelli Ruling on DMV
GOP Candidates for Senate 19 Speak in Danville
PA. Man Pleads Guilty to YouTube Threat on Cantor
Verizon Seeking Permission to Stop Delivering White Pages
Verizon Seeks to Lower Property [...]

Warner Says He Won’t Bite Lip Anymore, Equates with Tea Party
With Harder Edge, Democrats Hit McDonnell on State Retirement Funding
Armstrong Raps McDonnell on Pensions
Saslaw Says ABC Privatization Won’t Cover the Cost of an Overpass
Environmental Groups Lobby McDonnell on Chespaeake Bay Cleanup
McDonnell Outlines Way to Spend $1.5 Billion from VDOT Audit
VDOT Adds Maintenance Workers Amid [...]

Cantor Rising
Cantor Says Pelosi Isn’t Listening
Virginia Republicans Delighted to See Pendulum Sway
New Virginia Lawmakers Cite Ways They’d Cut Spending
Voter Turnout of 43.4% Exceeded Expectations
SOL Data Can Point to Lessons on Success
Report Says Sewers Users Could Pay $693 Million for Bay Cleanup
Covance Halts Planned Prince William Lab
Virginia Supreme Court Finds for Leesburg in Water Surcharge Battle
Henrico [...]

Hudson to Rule on Health Care Suit by End of Year
Hurt Says Free Trade Devastated Southside
Hurt by 6 in Roanoke College Poll
Perriello Talks About Accident
Beach Chairman Bartholomew Will Resign
Rigell and Nye Call for Beach GOP Chairman Resignation for Forwarding Racist Email
Nye and Rigell Rich in Campaign Cash
2nd District Video Voters Guide
Pat Boone Endorses Morgan Griffith
Boucher [...]

McDonnell Advisor Calls House Leaders Spineless on Liquor Privatization, Hugo Emails Response
McDonnell Backs All of the Above Strategy on Energy
McDonnell Renews Call for Offshore Drilling
State Tax Collections Rose, Total Growth Below Forecast
McDonnell Has No Plans to Run for President in 2012
Cuccinelli To Investigate Mortgage Foreclosures
Cuccinelli Defends Positions at UVA
Hurt, Perriello Stake Out Positions in First [...]