Webb, Warner Try to Block Mayport Carrier Move
Virginia Beach Hoteliers Want Video Poker
Vick Endorses Anti-Dog Fighting Legislation
Virginia has $311M Surplus, But Bond Rating on Watch List
McDonnell Furious
Kaine, Warner Disappointed
Part of Surplus to Aid Tornado Victims
Warner’s Gang of Six Back from the Brink
Hirschbiel Weighs Bid
Roanoke Tea Party Endorses Godsey Over Nutter
Entire Ct. of Appeals to Hear [...]

Gang of Six Makes Last Ditch Effort
Boehner, Cantor Back at Table with Obama
Surplus $311M
McDonnell Has Twice the Cash Kaine Did at Mid-Point
McDonnell Puts Money Behind Nutter, Stanley
GOP Holds Massive Fundraising Advantage
Republicans Raking in Cash
Race for Cash in Senate
Warner Endorses Dodson
Hirschbiel Seeks Rigell’s Seat
Connolly Has Biggest Bankroll Among Targeted Lawmakers
Carrico Backs Griffith on Light Bulb Vote
Congressional [...]

Cantor Pulls Out of Deficit Reduction Talks
Pelosi Unimpressed with Cantor Quitting
Plum Backs Out of Company Sponsored Uranium Trip
Hampton Roads Legislators Go to France, Paid for by Uranium Lobbyist
McDonnell Treats Campaign Donors to Homestead Retreat
National Conservative Group Donates Money to Virginia Candidates
ODU Slaying Prompts Scott to Refile Campus Safety Bill
FEMA Again Denies Tornado Aid
Griffith Statement on [...]

Nutter to Seek to Unseat Edwards in Senate
O’Quinn Seeks House Seat Now Held by Carrico
Allen Offers Ideas to Better Ryan’s Plan
Kaine and Radtke Respond to Allen’s Blueprint
Cantor Warns Spending Bills May Slip
Groups Urge McDonnell to Invest in Children’s Mental Health
McDonnell Signs School Safety Legislation
McDonnell Promoting “Clean Energy” Bills
McDonnell Salutes Flag Day
Tougher Laws on Underage Drinking
DOJ [...]

RNC Says Obama’s Prospects in Virginia Far From Certain
Goode for President?
Webb Asks Obama to Jusify Libyan Intervention
Cantor Asks GOP Senate Candidates to Support House Budget Plan
Robinson Considered for Florida Education Commissioner
Juvenile Justice Board Backs Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Assembly To Resume Redistricting Fight
Roanoke in Contention as Lawmakers Resume Redistricting
ACLU Proposes Congressional Redistricting Plan
Quayle Frets about [...]

Competing Proposals Could Impact BLack Voter Influence
Cantor First to Call for Weiner Resignation
Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign
Kaine Says Weiner Should Go
Cantor Holds Firm on No Tax Option
Allen Signs Contract with America
Griffith Says New Church Damage Estimate May Help FEMA Appeal
Hurt Talks Jobs
Virginia Organizing Rallies at Hurt’s Office
Schmookler Compares Race Against Goodlatte to Mission to [...]

DOJ Requests Interviews with Redistricting Legislators
Webb Says U.S. Blase’ On Use of Force
Blunt Challenges Cantor on Aid Offsets
Dems Push Allen for Firm Position on Ryan Budget
Hochul Prevails in NY 26
McDonnell Still Wants to Back a Governor
McDonnell Won’t Intervene in Soering Case
House R’s Raise More than $500,000 at Annual Retreat
Kaine on Star Tek Closing
Virginia Gets a [...]

Virginia Unemployment Rate 5.8%
Cuccinelli Legal Position May End Funding for Cultural and Historical Groups
Cuccinelli Is Key Endorsement in Senate Primary
Allen Calls for Kaine’s Take on Obama’s Israel-Palestine Remarks
Allen Won’t Say How He Would Vote on Ryan Budget Plan
Cantor Faults Mideast Speech
Forbes Criticizes Obama Speech
Armstrong Will Run, Hasn’t Decided Where
Genther Plans to Challenge Marshall
Tito the Builder [...]

April Revenues Grow by 1.5%
FEMA Says Virginia Has Capability of Handling Tornado Damage
$600 Million in Bonds Sold to Fund Statewide Transportation Projects
State Bond Funding to Remake Yorktown Visitor Center
Justice’s McDonnell Donation
41 Groups, Localities in Coalition Against Uranium Mining
Senate Confirms Urbanski to Federal Judgeship
Radtke in SWVA
Concord Coalition Endorses Unreleased Gang of Six Plan
Petersburg Battlefield Expansion Under [...]

McDonnell Inspects Gloucester Tornado Damage
Governor Chides Senate on Redistricting
Saslaw Expects Federal Judge to Take Over Redistricting
House Passes Tweaked Redistricting Legislation
Assembly Postpones Redistricting Debate
GOP Has Cash Edge in Legislative Elections
Allen Advocates Flat Tax Option
Unlike DNC, Kaine Will Accept Money from PACS, Lobbyists
Virginia Social Service Commissioner Advises Against Adoption Changes
Prince William Human Rights Commission Asks County to [...]