1. Give Me Another Serving of Those Peas
That’s what almost every Republican seems to be asking for today.
Until recently,  a deficit-reducing, program cutting, eat your peas brand of politics never gained much political traction save for a few pundits who didn’t have to explain to constituents why their services were being cut.
The GOP believes that [...]

Catching Up with Tim Kaine
Janis, Edwards Bills Would Redraw Court Districts
Virginia Hands Out Millions to Big Business
Abortion Opponents Split on Next Move
Making Room for Virginia’s Brightest in Its Best Schools
Lawmakers Aim at Scrapyards to Control Metal Thieves
Oyster Legislation Creating Waves
Tea Party Activist Light Announces Plan to Run Against Puckett
Redrawing of 5th District Promises Political Drama 
Hamilton [...]

Teresa Lewis is Executed
McDonnell Says Unused Road Funds Total $1 Billion
Kaine Responds to VDOT Audit
Cuccinelli Calls U.S. Theory on Health Care “Truly Radical”
Cuccinelli on Wilder, Terry, 1989 and 2013
McDonnell Requests Federal Dollar from Medicaid
Perriello Expects NRA Endorsement
NRA To Endorse Perriello, Calls Hurt a “True Friend”
NRA Letter to Hurt
Clark Calls on Civil Liberties Group for Help [...]

1. Arizona East
If there was any doubt about how the Virginia GOP feels about the Arizona immigration law, it was erased this week. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli noted that Virginia law enforcement officials could inquire about immigration status for individuals suspected of committing a crime. Governor McDonnell disclosed that he has been asking federal officials [...]

1. For Whom The Roads Toll
May become the major motif in Virginia’s transportation dialogue during the next few years. Bob McDonnell announced this week that he wants to jump start the improvements on U.S. 460 with bids from private companies that will combine road improvements with tolls. This was accompanied by a story noting that tolls are [...]

Va. Tech Survivors Persevere
Tea Party Supporters Rally in Richmond
Last Machine Shuts Down at International Paper
Norfolk Tea Party
Black Pastors Criticize McDonnell Policies
From Pothole Patching to Paving
GOP Activist Accuses Bolling of “Political Payback” On Local Endorsements
54 GOP Delegates Sign 10th Amendment Letter
Think Tank Says Budget Raises Taxes on Poor
2 Norfolk Middle Schools Get Crack at Performance Funds
Hampton [...]

Cuccinelli Denies Records on Health Care Suit
Obama Clears Way for Offshore Drilling in VA
Obama’s High Stakes Calculation for Climate Bill
McDonnell Hails Breakthrough on “Offshore Drilling”
McDonnell Talks Up Energy Initiatives at B&W Event
Mixed Reaction to Decision To Allow Offshore Drilling
Reaction to Drilling News
McDonnell Extends Pothole Blitz
Dems Accuse Bolling of Hypocrisy on Stimulus Funds
Lawmakers Call for Civility
Virginia [...]

Much has been written about the “Cuccinelli Crusades” challenging the national government, but most of it is lumped with political speculation and his unfortunate letter to our public colleges and universities on sexual orientation discrimination policies. 
 This discolors any dispassionate analysis of the underlying merits and the legal and philosophical underpinnings for his forays into the [...]

January Revenues Take Hit, Legislators Must Adjust Budget Downward
In Private, McDonnell Pushes Deep Budget Cuts
Cuccinelli Asks EPA to Reconsider Global Warming Statement
VIMS Expert Says Hampton Roads in Dire Straits Because of Global Warming Predictions
SWVA Execs Tell Governor That High Power Rates May Move Jobs
Bolling and Sissy Spacek Promote Incentives for Virginia Films
Chesterfield’s Gecker Puts Blame [...]