Justice Approves Redistricting Plans Virginia Unemployment Rate Falls to 6% Allen Launches New Website Perriello: No Plans for 2012 Connolly Asks President to Golf in Fairfax McDonnell Flies to France But Not to See Uranium Bolling Talks Jobs Light v. Puckett Stanley v. Reynolds (and perhaps Evans) Renting Making a Comeback in Hampton Roads Rigell Proposes Using […]

Uranium Next Test for Green Politics CNU Poll Shows Virginians Concerned about Environment Post-Recession: Virginia Paying More Per Job in Incentives Warner on Face the Nation Warner Says Gang of Six May Touch Social Security Hurt Completes First 100 Days U.S. Budget Cuts Hit High Speed Rail Money: Virginia Money Intact W&M Tuition to Increase […]

Survey Says Virginia Democrats Want Kaine 1100 Felons Regain Rights McDonnell Says No Time for “Truce” on Social Issues Webb Opposes Unilateral Military Action in Libya  Griffith Supports Defense of Marriage Act Radtke Reacts to February Deficit, Slams Budget Proposals Helsel Wins Election in 91st Field Shapes Up for Race to Replace Whipple Bipartisan Panel […]

Virginia Named One of “Big Five” for 2012 In Feisty Radio Interview, Saslaw Fights Back on Car Title Lending, Abortion Regs Connolly Won’t Run for Senate, Hopes Kaine Will Griffith Willing to Dismantle Health Care Law Piece by Piece Cuccinelli to Auction Lunch for Connecticut Charity Illegal Alien in Nun’s Traffic Death Had Offenses Handled […]

Norfolk Takes Hit in Tussle with Florida Over Carrier Continuing Tradition: Warner Talks Up Federal Workers McDonnell PAC Beefs Up McDonnell in the Sunshine State Economic Study Touts Governor’s Plan 2 Turnovers Would Shift Senate Power Doug Wilder, the NFL and Arab Spring of 2011 Could Holton’s ’78 Senate Bid Infleunce Kaine Signer to Focus […]

Poll Says Obama Leads Likely Opponents in Virginia Kaine Will Likely Announce Senate Decision Next Week Evidence Perriello Would Make it a Race Cuccinelli Applauds Court Decision in Military Funeral Case McDonnell Weighs Changes on Filing Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Autism Bill Waiting for Governor McDonnell Lawmakers Will Allow Special Approach for Troubled Vets in Local […]

McDonnell Says He’d Likely Accept VEEP Spot if Asked Pep Rally for Kaine Beyer Rules Out Senate Race Candidates Sought for High Court Budget Deal Off to Balky Start Compromise Reached Over Alcohol Billboards McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Add Money for Developmentally Disabled Legislators Differ on Group Home Proposals Senate Panel Refuses to Hear Illegal […]

Texas Poised to Pass Bill Allowing Guns on Campus, Supporters Cite Virginia Tech JJ Crowd Urges Kaine to Run Kaine to Huddle with Former Staffers O’Malley’s JJ Remarks McDonnell Response to O’Malley Perriello Kicked Out of Egypt Webb Isn’t Running But Won’t Stop Moving House-Senate Budgets Far Apart on K-12 Golf Cart Bills Move Through […]

1. The Kaine Preference The Democratic Party establishment made it clear at the JJ dinner last might that Tim Kaine is its first choice for a Senate nominee to replace Jim Webb. Speaker after speaker expressed their perference for the former Governor openly and directly. And while Kaine told an interviewer just a few weeks […]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win Would Perriello Be Better for Obama? Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money Ticer to Retire Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy […]

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