No, this is not a column about my marriage.  What?  You think I’m a fool?  
I might write about yours, but you’ll never catch me writing about my own.  
Got better sense than that.  Way, way better.  
‘Marriage as an institution’-I know you must have heard that one a million times.  Me, too. 
Interesting word, “institution.” 
It always conjures up [...]

The politics of gridlock has now infected judicial selection in Virginia in much the same way it has for years in DC.  The partisan gymnastics of both parties triumph over the public interest.  Compromise is elusive and where judges are involved the pursuit of justice suffers.
But if a few litigants do not get their cases [...]

Cantor Says Ryan Should Run
Cantor Wants GOP Hopefuls to Back Ryan Budget
Cantor Says Disaster Relief Must Be Offset
Morgan Griffith Opposes APCo Rate Hike Request
4th Circuit Seeks More Info on Health Care Cases
McDonnell, Dems Release Competing “By the Numbers” Video
House R’s Support Nardo for Clerk
Stirrup to Seek GOP Nod in New NOVA Senate Seat
Thomas to Seek [...]

Every year or so for the past twenty-five, I’ve tried to subscribe to the “world’s greatest newspaper” (italics not mine, theirs, but a true description, too).  
I’ve taken the “introductory offer” (italics mine) bait every single time, or tried to, and every single time I’ve been spurned:  “Same day delivery not available in this Zip Code.” 
I [...]

FitzGerald Bemiss, businessman, politician, conservationist of the highest rank, saw no conflict in those several roles he played in a life well-lived.  He died Monday night after enduring with exceptional grace, but not being conquered by, Parkinson’s Disease. 
I had the great pleasure of knowing Gerry Bemiss for the past four decades.  Even to our final [...]

 The numbers are overwhelming, but they pale beside the waste, pale beside the human tragedies, beside the heart-sickening, leather-skinned, flinty-eyed, toothless remnants of human beings we knew as healthy, open, innocent, clear-eyed children just a few years ago. 
I see them every day.  We all do.  We all know them.  We know them everywhere, when we [...]

McDonnell’s State of the Commonwealth Address
McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Lead
McDonnell Calls for Civility and Borrowing $2.9B
Democratic Reactions
McDonnell Makes Hard Sell for Transportation
McDonnell Reveals ABC Plan
Governor Needs House Sponsor for Liquor Plan
McDonnell to Call for Hushed Rhetoric
McDonnell Security Tightened
Cantor Speaks on House Floor for Resolution Honoring Victims
Hurt Says He’s Open to Public Despite Shooting
Goodlatte Introduces Balanced [...]

I don’t know if this country is coming apart, if we’ve finally found the thread that will unravel us as a people and a nation.  
I don’t blame guns for killings any more than I blame forks and spoons for obesity.  
I don’t pine for the good old days, for that gauzy, romanticized myth that was Ozzie [...]

The Matter Of Wrap-Cooking A Country Ham 
This is the world’s best way to cook a country ham.  Guaranteed.  Period.  Scout’s honor.  Cross my heart and hope to die.  And it’s not original.  Of course, I stole it.  And, as luck would have it, it is also the easiest.  Often the case.  We overcomplicate a lot [...]

Never heard of Sully?  Me neither.  I don’t put on airs in these matters.  I had never heard of the guy until I looked him up while mulling over this column.  I did intuitively, right away, understand why he went by ‘Sully.’ 
No wonder there. 
His real name was Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme. 
But I digress… 
A friend called [...]