Cantor Memo Reveals GOP Summer Plan
Warner Fights for U.S. Jobs
McDonnell Criticizes Napolitano for Ignoring Request
Goode for President?
McDougle Running
Allen Backs Tito the Builder Over Frederick
Hamilton Relying on Donations to Pay Legal Bills
Griffith Says Regulating Suspected Cancer Causing Chemicals Could Cost District 1000 Jobs
Cattle Farmer to Seek GOP Nomination Against Goodlatte
Richmond Builder Picked for Jail Wants Job [...]

RNC Says Obama’s Prospects in Virginia Far From Certain
Goode for President?
Webb Asks Obama to Jusify Libyan Intervention
Cantor Asks GOP Senate Candidates to Support House Budget Plan
Robinson Considered for Florida Education Commissioner
Juvenile Justice Board Backs Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Assembly To Resume Redistricting Fight
Roanoke in Contention as Lawmakers Resume Redistricting
ACLU Proposes Congressional Redistricting Plan
Quayle Frets about [...]

McDonnell Supports Constitutional Amendment
In Tea Party Speech, McDonnell Backs Repeal Amendment
Cuccinelli Says Tea Party Hasn’t Peaked
Group Attacks Cuccinelli, McDonnell for Tea Party Participation
Insurgents Worry GOP Will Coopt Movement
Allen Preps for Senate Bid
Allen Putting PAC Money to Good Use Across Nation
Bolling Cuts Ribbon on Cambell County Call Center
Sportsmen Group Endorses Perriello: What Does It Mean?
Nye Won’t [...]

Class Action Suits Accuse Energy Companies of Stealing from Landowners
VDOT Fires I-81 Contractor
GOP Holds Seats in House Specials
Robinson Wins Special Election to House
Budget May Have to Be Reopened for Medicaid Fix
State Tax Commissioner Janie Bowen Dies
Does Fimian Want to Repeal 17th Amendment?
Perriello to Respect Office Protest Ban
Finalists Named for Norfolk Superintendent
Chesapeake Names Roberts Superintendent
Beach City [...]

Town Will Not Be Renamed After Pitcher
Tea Party Appears to Support Hurt
Will 5th District Republicans Line Up Behind Hurt?
McKelvey a Wild Card in the 5th
Goode Will Endorse Hurt
Tea Party Probably Won’t Endorse Rigell
Virginia GOP Reassesses After Herrity Defeat
Cantor, Boehner Sign Amicus Brief Supporting Cuccinelli  Health Care Suit
Surovell Wants Government Reform Panel to Study Fairfax [...]

Fredericksburg Council Weighs University of Mary Washington Taxes
19 Vying for 5 GOP Nominations
In Virginia, Establishment Candidates Have the Lead
Candidates Gear Up for 5th District Primary
Seven Vie for Shot at Perriello
Hampton Roads Tea Party Gains Clout After Scrapy Start
Hampton Roads Leaders Say Don’t Pass Us By on Rail Input
Chesapeake Faces Hit from End of Special Ed [...]

Media Flocking to Hampton for Obama Commencement Speech
Warner Wants Review of Market Plunge
Goode Says No to Candidacy
Malek to Head McDonnell’s Government Reform Panel
Casteen, McDonnell to Meet
Gingrich to Join McDonnell in Richmond to Talk About Health Care
Feds Given More Time to Respond to Cuccinelli Suit
Armstrong Forms Work Group to Take Close Look at Utility Law
Prince William [...]

Virginia’s Love-Hate Relationship with Federal Spending
Warner Co-Authors Major Wall Street Legislation
UVA Faculty Senate Says Cuccinelli’s Actions Directly Threaten Academic Freedom
McDonnell Cannot Recall Issuing Demand Similar to Cuccinelli’s
Cuccinelli Manager Meredith Quillen Snags National Award for Campaigning
Virginia’s Launches Portable Housing for Aging Relatives
McDonnell Wants Jobs Panel Recommendations by October
Seafood, Wine on McDonnell’s Menu
Vicki Cobb Sees McDonnell Victories, [...]

McDonnell to Hold Cinco de Mayo Reception
Judge Hudson on “Rocket Docket” Orders Feds to Respond to Health Care Suit Next Week
Union of Concerned Scientists Urge Cuccinelli to Rescind Subpoena and UVA to Resist It
Ex-UVA Researcher Defends Climate Data
Cuccinelli Announces Result of Food Drive for Needy
ACLU Wants State Chaplains to Know That They Can Deliver Only [...]

House Panel Votes to End One Gun a Month Law
Senate Democrats in a Bind on Balancing State Budget
Chris Mathews HardBall: GOP Bill Introduced to Save Humans from AntiChrist
McDonnell Privately Proposes Children’s Insurance, Education Cuts
McDonnell Will Not Tackle Education Funding Goals This Session
McDonnell Talks to Northrop Grumman About Headquarters Move
Democrats Angry at Johnson for Switching Votes [...]