Gang of Six Makes Last Ditch Effort
Boehner, Cantor Back at Table with Obama
Surplus $311M
McDonnell Has Twice the Cash Kaine Did at Mid-Point
McDonnell Puts Money Behind Nutter, Stanley
GOP Holds Massive Fundraising Advantage
Republicans Raking in Cash
Race for Cash in Senate
Warner Endorses Dodson
Hirschbiel Seeks Rigell’s Seat
Connolly Has Biggest Bankroll Among Targeted Lawmakers
Carrico Backs Griffith on Light Bulb Vote
Congressional [...]

Spotlight on Cantor
McDonnell Says Safe Uranium Mining Would Benefit State
McDonnell Signs Order Requiring State Vehciles to Use Alternative Fuels
McDonnell Political Operation Has $3M on Hand
Radtke Wants Debate with Allen
Webb for Closing Loopholes But Not Income Tax Hikes
Webb Asks for Silence on Veterans Day
Garrett Wants to Tighten Immigration Law
Northrop Grumman Names Executive to Manage IT Contract
Tenuous [...]

Assembly Returns June 9 for Congressional Map
McDonnell Phones Home From China
McDonnell: Hamilton’s the Kind of Conduct We Cannot Ever Accept
Ethics Rules Questioned in Wake of Hamilton Prosecution
Bolling Welcomes New Citizens
Bolling At Danville Boys and Girls Club
Hurt Addresses PVCC Graduates
Frederick to Run for Puller Seat?
Hampton Roads, Richmond Score Poorly in Public Transit Access
Richmond Council Backs Salary [...]

Senate Approves Redistricting Plan
Senate Breaks Stalemate
Beach Keeps Two Seats
Quayle Doesn’t Want to Retire
Obama Calls McDonnell to Express Sadness Over Deaths
Hurt Says He Supports Ryan Budget Plan
Hurt Balks at Defense Cuts
Trump’s Given to Both Parties in Virginia
Bolling Absent for Medical Procedure
Board of Ed ApprovesNnew Teacher Evaluation Guidelines
NOVA Gets 3 New Judges
Budget Season a Busy One for [...]

State Will Appeal U.S. Fine Against Va. Tech
Senate Reaches Tentative Redistricting Deal
Assembly Delays Work to Accommodate Fundraiser
Allen Unapologetic Over Medicare Vote
Steve Waters to Join Allen Team
Allen Dismissive of Wind Energy, McDonnell Less So
McDonnell Thanks Smart for Staying at VCU
UVA Says it Will Exercise Available Options on Climate Chnage Records Request
Beach Schools at Odds with City [...]

Cuccinelli-UVA Climate Dispute Heats Up
Senators Might Have Deal on Virginia Beach as Redistricting Talks Continue
McDonnell Questions Obama’s Policies But Not Birthplace
McDonnell Backs Adoptions by Single Gays, But Not Unwed Couples
NRSC Digging on Soering
Hearing Set on Hamilton’s Bankruptcy Plan
Virginia Defers Changes to Blue Crab Industry
Virginia Faces Many Hurdles on Offshore Wind
Obama Urged to Make Ft. Monroe [...]

Wilder Commentary Says Minority Representation Takes Back Seat in Redistricting
House, Senate Resume Remapping Work
Virginia Republicans Vent About McDonnell’s Redistricting Veto
Is Virginia On Verge of Racial Battle Over Redistricting
Sabato Says Allen and Kaine Will be Tough to Topple
Portsmouth Faces Heavy Burden from Pensions
Damascus, VA: Trail Town USA
Proposed Cigarette Tax Draws Ire in Danville
Special Prosecutor Investigates Madison [...]

Cantor Escalates GOP Demands on Debt Limit
Warner Says JFCOM Closure Could Prompt Brain Drain
Supreme Court Renews Death Probe in CVTC Case
Bedford City Boards Vote to Sue Bedford County School Board Over School Closure
Next 6 Year Roads Plan Contains $2.6 Billion More
Shad Planking
Stewart Eyes Senate Bid
Marshall Still Interested in Senate Run
Hampton Roads Leaders Praise Senate Dems [...]

McDonnell Inspects Gloucester Tornado Damage
Governor Chides Senate on Redistricting
Saslaw Expects Federal Judge to Take Over Redistricting
House Passes Tweaked Redistricting Legislation
Assembly Postpones Redistricting Debate
GOP Has Cash Edge in Legislative Elections
Allen Advocates Flat Tax Option
Unlike DNC, Kaine Will Accept Money from PACS, Lobbyists
Virginia Social Service Commissioner Advises Against Adoption Changes
Prince William Human Rights Commission Asks County to [...]

McDonnell Says No New Taxes
State Tax Revenues Increase
Cuccinelli Unveils Plan to Keep Prescription Drugs Out of Virginia Waterways
Kilgore to Take Key Role in Pawlenty Campaign
GOP Frosh Vote Against Spending Bill
Goodlatte Votes to Avert Shutdown
Senate Plan Would Shift Forbes’ District Away from Base
Webb Loses State Director
Allen Touts Endorsements
Toscano To Seek Re-election
Tito the Builder Considers Assembly Run
JFCOM [...]