Hampton Roads Culinary Schools See Growing Enrollment
Cantor Holds Firm on Tax Stance
Debt Ceiling Debate Enters Senate Race
State to Solicit Proposals on Switching Vehicles to Alternate Fuels
Retirement System Rebounds, Contribution Rates Will Likely Rise
Bay Cleanup Progress on Track
Farm Animals Protected by New Law
McDonnell Says State Will Not Contribute More Money for Rail to Dulles
Another Volley in [...]

Union-Free Virginia Not Spared Pension Woes
Virginia to Allow Prisoners to Maintain Rest Stops
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan on Sex Offenders
Proposed 5th District Would Split State
College Students Submit Redistricting Plans
Hampton Leads the Way in Fighting Cyber Attacks
Inmates Proposal Gets Mixed Reviews
Stafford Schools May Drop Furloughs

State Makes Small Dent in Pension Debt, But Payback Looms
Seeking New Medicaid Options
Judge Refuses Separate Trials in Tech Lawsuit
After 5 Years, DNA Project Has Cleared Five People
Tea Party Aims to Put Assembly Lessons into Practice
Tea Party Objects to Chesterfield Growth Plan
Opinions Mixed on Whether Tutoring Service is Worth the Cost
Beach Schools Bristle at City’s Tourism [...]

Salem Council Expected to Delay Chicken Vote
McDonnell Walks Tightrope
McDonnell Talks to Obama at White House
Cantor: Defense of Marriage Act Action by Friday
Radtke Says Republicans Must Do More to Cut Spending, Including Cantor
Lawmakers Reflect on the Session
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan for Sex Offenders
U.S. Files Response to Virginia Health Care Challenge
Bay Advocates Retire
Hope Tried to Ban Smoking [...]

Assembly Approves Budget, Adjourns
Lawmakers End with Increased Spending on Health Care, Schools
Capitol Scorecard
School Systems Sweat Over PE Requirements
Ashley McIntosh’s Death, Morther’s Campaign Led to Passage of Traffic Bill
Norment’s Hands-Free Cell Phone Bill Fails
Gloucester’s Fight for Open Government
How Much Help Does Norfolk Mayor Fraim Need
Norfolk Ordinance Could Have ‘Em Dancing in the Street
Councilwoman’s Attorney Asks for [...]

McDonnell Says He’d Likely Accept VEEP Spot if Asked
Pep Rally for Kaine
Beyer Rules Out Senate Race
Candidates Sought for High Court
Budget Deal Off to Balky Start
Compromise Reached Over Alcohol Billboards
McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Add Money for Developmentally Disabled
Legislators Differ on Group Home Proposals
Senate Panel Refuses to Hear Illegal Immigration Bills
Optional Retirement Plan Fails
Cost to Keep Sexual [...]

Loudoun Judge Defies Virginia Supreme Court, Continues to Reopen Immigrants’ Cases
Maryland Wine Shipment Laws Create Smugging Routes from D/C. and Virginia
Coal At Center of Rules Debate
How Deep Will Defense Cuts Be in Virginia?
House Senate Plans Restore Pension Payments
Senate Budget Would Restore School Budget Cuts
Assembly Showdown Likely Over Retirement, Education and Health
Senate Proposes Funds for Cooperative [...]

1. Whiskey Before Breakfast
That’s the song all the proponents of ABC privatization are singing this week. They must feel like taking a good stiff shot after the administration’s latest proposal couldn’t even get a hearing inside the Assembly.
It’s a case study in how difficult it is to reshape government to focus only on “core services.”
No one [...]

Virginia Politicians Call Shootings an Attack on Democracy
Reid Tells Cantor to “Stop Throwing Bombs” in Pre-Taped Remarks
McDonnell to Roll Out Massive Spending Campaign for Roads, Colleges and Jobs
Lawmakers Have Full Plate
VRS Reforms Fuel Debate
Experts Gathered by Virginian Pilot Say Hampton Roads Legislators Lack Clout
Issues Define January Special Elections
Davis Campaign Hits the Streets
Politifact: Mullins’ Claim on [...]