Cantor Says Weiner Should “Come Clean”
National GOP Says Virginia to Delay Redistricting, Janis Says Not So Fast
Armstrong Seeks Re-Election- In a Different District
Armstrong v. Poindexter
Poindexter Welcomes Armstrong to Race
Morrissey Releases Polling- Says Senate Decision to Come
New River Valley House Race Takes Shape
Dems Try to Work Ryan Medicare Plan into State Races
McDonnell Daughter to Hold Wedding [...]

Cantor Says GOP Pressed Obama to Stop Demagoguery
Cantor Asks Obama to Keep Tax Hikes Out of Debt Talks
Virginia Dems Supported Clean Debt Ceiling Hike
McDonnell Announces Incentive to Save State Funds
Kaine to Headline Chesterfield Dems Event
Armstrong Appears Set to Take on Poindexter
Marsh to Run, Morrissey Mum on Possible Challenge
Cox Running
Reynold to Leave Administration
Dodson Running
Dems Think Dodson [...]

House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong has made opposition to utility rate increases a signature issue,
One that he hopes might gain him a following for statewide office
Or, at the least, allow him to retain his seat in the House of Delegates even after a determined GOP effort to redistrict him out.
Many of Armstrong’s colleagues in the [...]

Salem Council Expected to Delay Chicken Vote
McDonnell Walks Tightrope
McDonnell Talks to Obama at White House
Cantor: Defense of Marriage Act Action by Friday
Radtke Says Republicans Must Do More to Cut Spending, Including Cantor
Lawmakers Reflect on the Session
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan for Sex Offenders
U.S. Files Response to Virginia Health Care Challenge
Bay Advocates Retire
Hope Tried to Ban Smoking [...]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator
Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend
Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win
Would Perriello Be Better for Obama?
Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots
McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money
Ticer to Retire
Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party
Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy Tax
Antiabortion Bills Fail in Senate Committee
Roanoke Labor Day [...]

Virginia High Court Upholds College Gun Ban
December Revenue Collections Up, Total Tax Collection Slightly Behind Forecast
McDonnell Unveils Government Reform Agenda
McDonnell Wants Part of Sales Tax Revenue for Roads
Ag Board Targeted by McDonnell Cost State $150
Democrats May Introduce McDonnell Liquor Bill in House
Hamilton Pleads Not Guilty
McDonnell Calls Hamilton Indictment “Tragedy on Many Levels”
Activists, Marshall, Lobby McDonnell [...]

McDonnell to Unveil New ABC Plans
Retooled Plan to Bring Upfront Cash
How Will Democrats React to McDonnell’s Ambitious Agenda
McDonnell Will Back More Abortion Clinic Regulations
Some Sit Out Anti-Abortion Rally to Avoid Confronting McDonnell
McDonnell Says He Can’t Back Marshall’s Virginia Currency Bill
McDonnell Approval 51%, Obama 44%
State GOP Rolls Out Unified Agenda
Stanley Wins
Habeeb Wins
Plenty on Their Plate
Lawmakers Ponder [...]

On Day Two, Cantor Builds His Brand
Warner Says About 2,000 JFCOM Jobs to Stay in Hampton Roads
Warner to Lead Initiative to Make D-Day Memorial a National Monument
McDonnell, 32 Other Governors to Seek Health Care Relief
McDonnell No Longer Supports Steele for RNC Chair
McDonnell Campaigns in GOP Specials
McAuliffe Active in Specials
Habeeb Responds to Withdrawn Endorsement
State Board Working [...]

Hampton Roads’ Biggest Snowfall in 21 Years
McDonnell Plans a Bolder Second Year
McDonnell to Defend State’s Bond Rating
As Allen Mulls Senate Run, Conservatives Grumble about His Record
Radtke May Run for Senate
Boucher: 28 Yrs of Service in SWVA Politics
Politifact: Armstrong Says McDonnell Didn’t Consult on Transportation Plan
State Board of Ed Proposes Online Restrictions from Teachers to Students
Bill [...]

Hudson Rules on Cuccinelli Suit Monday
Some Conservatives Oppose McDonnell Transportation Plan
McDonnell Road Plan May Benefit from Tweak to State Credit Limit
Cuccinelli Defends Repeal Amendment
Cuccinelli Says Voting Rights Act Bailout is Not a Priority
Cuccinelli Says Wise School Board Decides Consolidation
McDonnell Wants $5 Million More for Massey Cancer Center
McDonnell Kicks Off Pottery Renovation
Griffith, Hurt Snag Key Slots
Hurt [...]